Novel Name : I Should Have Read The Ending

I Should Have Read The Ending - Chapter 49

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Chapter 49 – First Dance
Diana felt secure with Edwin around. His wide torso completely hid Diana from the sight of Lucas. Both their eyes twinkled the same emotion, and the nervousness Diana felt a while ago disappeared like smoke.
“You are my charge.” Edwin’s voice was exceptionally low and a bit tired. But it was a voice that matched perfectly with his calm eyes and dignified attitude. Instead of answering, Diana looked up at Edwin with a sweet smile.
Diana had been nervously looking on the platform where Lucas was. But at this moment, she was not interested in anything else. The thoughts of Lucas will be shared with Trisha soon anyway, so whatever he thinks, it’s not Diana’s business any longer.
“If you’re my Lord, I’d be happy to take my first step,” she whispered. It was too sweet of a voice, making Edwin somehow feel thirsty as he saw her plump lips move.
“Oh, uh… Waltz.” His deep tone made Diana’s cheeks blush again. Upon seeing it, he smirked slyly. Edwin’s unusually low voice was clear to Diana’s ears even in a banquet hall packed with numerous people.
“Whatever, if it’s yours, I’m happy to take it.” Diana shifted her gaze several times, slightly conscious of other people’s gaze, but her eyes would soon fix on Edwin.
With all different kinds of people gathered, it was Edwin’s figure that stood out even at far. His robust physique, facial features, and grace were not something others could mimic.
“Your Highness is generous.”
“I am honest.”
For a moment, the two stared deeply at each other’s eyes. But only they knew the atmosphere between them. Then, the orchestra began to play a Waltz. It was time for a gentleman and a lady to join hands and enjoy music while keeping their feet together.
“Waltz, come on.”
Edwin extended his arm for Diana, and though she hesitated, she did not refuse.
“It’s my first dance at a banquet.”
“Don’t worry, my feet are powerful.”
Diana grinned at such words. Edwin was encouraged by the smile and held her tiny hands with gloves, which were embroidered with exceptional patterns.
“Well, I’ll trust you and leave it to you.”
Edwin skillfully led Diana as they danced to the Waltz. The smell of his familiar scent made Diana feel weak. Edwin’s hands and his breath were enough to remember their moment in the carriage.
Diana deliberately paid attention to her feet. At the start of the tempo, Diana seemed to be wandering a little, moving smoothly to Edwin’s lead, and sometimes turning around to show off her beauty and dress’s splendor in the banquet hall.
“You’re being modest.”
“It’s my first time.”
Although she took a dance lesson, it was her first time dancing with a man at a banquet hall. Because of Waltz’s unique movements, Diana sometimes felt like Edwin hugged her. Diana had to try not her stiff arm lead itself. She had allowed Edwin to take the pace gracefully.
On the other side of the hall was Lucas. He furrowed his brow, not hiding his discomfort.
Edwin and Diana’s Waltz caught the attention of everybody. It was such a beautiful sight that it was inevitable for the guests to notice. For Lucas, who has always been the main character, the situation itself was very unpleasant.
Diana tried to endure and tried to smile brightly. She imagined what Lucas was feeling right now, and it made her want to rejoice. The more angry Lucas was at Diana, the closer she was to her purpose. Her steps then became more cheerful.
“Oh, no, too bad.”
By the time Diana had properly adjusted, the Waltz was over. Edwin could not hide his disappointment. Diana nodded while giving Edwin a gentle smile. Behind Edwin’s broad shoulders, she felt Lucas’ stinging gaze.t
“Can I ask you a favor?” Diana spoke.
“Of course.”
“Would you please help me say hello to the Prince?”
“Sure.” Edwin’s mouth rose slightly. He read Diana’s intentions. Diana was supposed to greet Lucas with Edwin as an escort. Shortly after the Waltz, Lucas frowned at the sight of Diana and Edwin together, heading their way to him.
“Your Highness, I have brought Lady Diana.”
At the end of Edwin’s introduction, Diana bowed courteously.
“Yes, it took so long.” Lucas couldn’t hide the sarcasm in his voice. Well, he is self-centered. Lucas, who thinks the world revolves around himself, would have been outraged.
“Will the next song come out, of course?” The words sounded like an arrogant suggestion.
“Sorry. I’m so dizzy when I danced to the Waltz.” Diana responded calmly, suppressing the panic, which was beginning to creep.
“That Waltz… It was my first dance.” However, at the same time, she hit a nerve. Edwin looked troubled when Lucas’ forehead creased, but Diana’s original purpose was this.
“It’s great to hear Young Lady that it was your first Waltz. Isn’t it a memory for a lifetime?”
“Yes, maybe it will be a memorable first dance.”
Diana boldly hit another nerve before Edwin could say a word and intervene. But at that moment, Edwin smiled contentedly inside.
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