Novel Name : I Should Have Read The Ending

I Should Have Read The Ending - Chapter 48

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Chapter 48: The Imperial Banquet
The days quickly passed and before Diana knew it, the imperial gathering was going to be held in celebration of the announcement of the soon-to-be Crown Princess. Diana’s heart was protesting, but it was not the time to reveal it yet. She was forced to attend the banquet, and she must pretend that everything is fine.
“Come on, Lady. It’s finished.”
The delicate shiny white fabric fluttered and produced a petal-like silhouette. On top of it was a brilliantly embroidered ribbon of pale rose, which gave her a more fairy-like impression. Indeed, it was a masterpiece of Madame Haley.
“It’s so beautiful.”
Diana took a turn in front of the mirror, the hem of the dress blossoming like a petal. Her rosy cheeks and blue eyes portrayed a mysterious energy that seemed to belong to no man.
“You look like your mother,” Charlotte said.
“Really?” Diana exclaimed.
Charlotte has told her her parents’ stories quite often ever since. With this, she started to get used to the existence of her family, which seemed to be blurred in her memory.
In particular, Diana’s mother was a great beauty and a reader, and she was a benevolent and wise woman. Although she was no longer around anymore, it was a strange feeling to have such parents even in a story.
“Well, Lady, I hope you have a good time at today’s banquet.”
All the employees of the mansion gathered at the gate to see Diana off. It was a change that occurred after Diana’s full-fledged request as Carl’s successor.
Diana, riding on the most colorful carriage, stared out of the shaky window.
Several of the guests arrived at the venue. Lucas, dressed in a ceremonial robe, stared blatantly at each of the guests coming. Though Edwin thought it was apparent, he did not bother to say a word.
“Is this all they have?” Lucas asked impatiently.
“There are still some left. It’s polite for the ladies to show up a little later.” Edwin replied.
“Hmm.” Lucas was considering whether Diana was included in the ladies’ list.
“So are the children.”
“Is that so?”
“Yes, a special lady always appears at the end of a party.”
Only then, Lucas’ expression gleamed with hope. Moments later, as Edwin predicted, the chief announced the arrival of a new guest.
“Lady Diana of the Duke of Carl.”
The crowd shifted their attention to the chief of command. Tong! Tong!  The door opened as the chair knocked on the floor with the rod he was holding.
Diana’s appearance made the crowd freeze in great admiration with her looks. Edwin, at that moment, exercised great patience to maintain his indifferent expression.
Diana’s subtle, shiny white dress was adorned with a rose-colored ribbon and was the same color as Diana’s cheek. Diana’s appearance was magnificent enough to believe the rose fairy just bloomed.
“I will go first and talk to her.”
Lucas only nodded at Edwin’s words. Just in time, Diana was about to greet the Grand Duchess Grace when Edwin stood before her, pretending to approach her mother. The luxurious black robes were beautifully wrapped around Edwin’s fit body.
“Lady Diana, you are as beautiful as I have heard.” Edwin shamelessly pretended. His gentleman attitude was unbelievably different from the mindless time in the carriage.
“Thank you, Your Majesty.”
The two were already nervous just by seeing each other. The incident on the carriage was not something that could be easily forgotten. Edwin had to wear his body out every night, drain his strength, and pour cold water on it to relieve the heat. On the other hand, Diana’s dream comes every night.
“Your Highness is lovely, too.
Seeing Diana’s pretty smile, Edwin again tried to suppress the urge. But because others were not aware of their real relationship, the guests paid no attention after seeing the two of them warm in the distance.
“It’s my first time meeting you at a banquet.” Edwin whispered as he was conscious of their surroundings.
“Yes, actually, this is my first social debut.”
Unexpectedly, Edwin frowned.
“As I was young, I didn’t have a place like this.” Somehow, Diana’s words sounded very sweet in Edwin’s ear.
“Well, is it your first time to go out with me today, too?”
“Yes.” Diana slightly blushed. Edwin’s words were a sweet secret that only the two of them knew. There was a somewhat awkward smile on Diana’s mouth.
The smile unwittingly blinded Edwin as he focused on her smooth neck. It was then he smelled her fragrant lingering scent. He had never forgotten it, but it felt even more strange to be aware of it in public.
“Did you catch a cold on that rainy day?”
There was some heavy feeling in it. Diana gave a slightly shy look.
“It’s okay.”
There was a moment of silence. Both just looked into each other’s eyes as if they were exploring each other, their eyes were cautious and a little fluttering.
“The Crown Prince seems to be waiting for a lover restlessly.”
“Is that so?” It was heartbreaking to hear such words from Edwin’s mouth.
“I don’t intend to let you go.”
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