Novel Name : I Should Have Read The Ending

I Should Have Read The Ending - Chapter 47

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Chapter 47 – Resolve
“We have arrived, your majesty!” the horseman shouted.
Consequently, the carriage stopped. Edwin wiped the saliva off his lips and raised himself from Diana with great difficulty. Hot passion lingered in his black eyes. On the other hand, Diana’s cheeks remained flushed.
“Wait!” Edwin commanded, poking his head outside the carriage’s window.
Diana unfolded her crumpled dress in the meantime, waiting for the heat on her cheeks to cool off. Still, she couldn’t stop her heart from pounding. Edwin’s deep black eyes followed Diana’s every gesture.
Edwin wished that this moment would last, and for the first time in his life, he felt sad.
“The Lady is too close.” Edwin managed to speak. Again, he pretended to be calm, but his heartbeat was beating too hard as if it would tear its way out from his chest.
“You’re really…” Diana muttered quietly.
Soon, the carriage door opened. Diana got off the wagon, sporting a casual look on her face.
It was a long afternoon for the both of them.
It wasn’t until evening that the rain stopped, so Edwin intended to go out that night. But the plan was canceled after the Grand Duke received a call from a messenger.
Unable to do so, Edwin just took a cold bath to cool off and headed to the Alhyeon Room, where his mother was waiting. Grace smiled at her son while silently reading the letter in her hand.
“Even when she was still young, her handwriting was beautiful.”
Her words did not appeal to Edwin’s ear. From that moment, every minute, and every second, only Diana’s porcelain neck came to his mind. It was only because of the cold water he was able to get better.
“Lady Diana of Carl…”
At Grace’s little recitation, Edwin blinked and opened his eyes. He could not ignore the name. However, Edwin couldn’t express it in front of his mother. As usual, he wore a mask of the casual Grand Duke.
“Did you see her?”
It was what he had hoped. Edwin nodded as if he weren’t interested and took the letter from his mother’s hand.
“Oh, it’s Carl’s tribute,” Edwin quickly added.
“The Duchess of Carl brought it herself. Maybe she wanted to brag about it.”
It was undoubtedly an elegant handwriting. Edwin recalled the image of Diana in each letter. It would have been inconceivable if it had been another woman, but it was the beautiful handwriting of the calm, orphaned Diana whom Edwin saw.
“When the imperial marriage is over, we should plan your marriage soon. Now it’s time to show your full profile in public.”
Duchess Grace lovingly stared at Edwin, who resembled his father. Chesters was a long-term warrior and proficient in martial arts. The Chester family has always been grand and skilled in martial arts for generations. However, he was generous and relaxed as a historic anti-communist. Edwin grew up like this, and now that he was twenty, it was the proof of his lineage.
“Are there any young ladies you have in mind?”
There is. Edwin’s mind has already decided. But it wasn’t a name that could be said now. The Grand Duchess shook her head as she saw Edwin’s tightly closed mouth.
“But you are not interested in women. Well, it’s difficult to be a socialite, like Prince Lucas, but…”
Grace’s words were always thorns. Even if he was the Prince, he has no match with my son.
“We should bring your companion immediately after the national marriage.”
“Should I?” At Edwin’s vague answer, his mother looked a little stuffy. Edwin has already met a lot of potential women. The senior ancestors showed several ladies, but he remained indifferent.
He enjoyed hanging out with knights more than the ladies in the ballroom, and often said that he was not interested in women yet.
“Will the national wedding push through?” Edwin asked.
It was a silly question. While Grace laughed at his son’s remark, the fan of the black satin fluttered and blew a soft wind on the Duchess’s face.
“It has already been announced.”
Edwin balled his fists in disappointment.
“It will be as long as there are no circumstances that can prevent the wedding. It is the Empress’s choice.”
“I see.”
Grace was the Empress’s sister. She knew well enough what her sister was like — a woman with no compassion. There was no good awaiting the Crown Princess. She felt pity for Diana.
“She’s a beautiful lady. She’s worth it.” Edwin added without asking.
“You speak as you saw her yourself.”
“No, just…”
Grace stared at her son for a while, but she just let it go. Meanwhile, Edwin felt impatient. I have to stop this marriage soon.
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