Novel Name : I Should Have Read The Ending

I Should Have Read The Ending - Chapter 46

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Chapter 46 – Passionate Temptations
While inside the carriage, it was hard to avoid each other’s gaze. Diana, a little embarrassed, turned her eyes away from Edwin.
“Oh, I think I’m better now.”
Just in time, the carriage moved. Edwin tried to hide his gloomy face. Their breaths mingled in the narrow space.
When the young Grand Duke was still in his prime, this scenario appeared in his dream. He was with a woman in a narrow space that their knees almost touched, causing heat to creep in his body.
“I’m glad that the Young Lady isn’t involved in the carriage accident.”
Contrary to the gentleman’s words, his voice rang unusually languid.
Diana had been inwardly embarrassed by the scent of a man that was foreign to her. Different aristocrats used different perfumes, but it was not because of that. It was as deep as Edwin’s eyes and as weary as his smile. At the same time, she felt like her cheeks were burning. Diana’s heart suddenly races for no explicit reason. It was beyond her comprehension.
“The horse in the Belfort carriage was suddenly upset, and it must have caused the accident,” Diana softly replied.
The carriage rumbled, and their knees touched. Diana tried to fake indifference, but at that moment, she was frozen silent. Edwin, too, did not miss to look at the gap and the flinchy corners of Diana’s mouth.
It was just a knee touch, but Diana’s cheek seemed to have reddened more. Above all, the scent of Diana, which resembles the lovely blood color, has been raising Edwin’s body temperature like crazy.
“It’s a disturbance.”
Now Edwin’s heart was beating so violently. Despite his calm and low voice, there was a burning passion within. Then, the carriage rumbled loudly again, which was enough for the light-weight Diana to be moved.
Edwin instinctively reached out to Diana, who was leaning forward. Her arm was supported by Edwin’s hot hand. Diana unwittingly bit her lower lip; now, her cheeks were burning to the point where she felt it herself.
“Oh, excuse me.”
Edwin’s low voice echoed in her ear. However, he did not let go of her hand. Edwin held Diana’s arms with his steady hand and gently set her in place. His upper body leaned slightly toward Diana, and the smell of his scent thickened.
“Where did you get hurt?”
“Oh, no.”
Diana was just worried that her voice might have been a little shaky. The next moment, however, the wagon crashed into something. As a result, Edwin, who was leaning his torso toward Diana, lost his balance and collapsed over Diana.
Outside, they heard the sound of horses getting wild. Edwin’s heart was also raging. The sound of the horses began to subside after they heard the shouting voice of the horseman.
There was silence. Edwin grasped Diana’s head with his arm, barely preventing the two from colliding.
At the tip of Edwin’s nose laid Diana’s porcelain neck. As he breathed, Edwin felt the blood all over his body heat up.
There was no room for any reason to intervene. So it was with Diana. Just holding his arm tight, she couldn’t help but dig Edwin’s knee between her knees. It was a posture that was taken momentarily as the carriage suddenly tilted, but it was so exquisite.
“I… Your Highness.”
Diana managed to broach out the words. If I stayed a little longer, my legs would relax and wrap Edwin’s knee. Just imagining it made her face burn red even more.
Moreover, Edwin’s breath at her neck was like a tickle. It was a hot breath as strong as his body odor. Every time he breathed out, strands of her hair swayed. Her arms barely supported Edwin, and it almost appeared like she was holding him.
“Your Grace.”
Once again, Diana called Edwin. It was a distinctly different voice than usual. It had a tone of sexiness. Edwin unconsciously smiled.
Whether it was a coincidence or an accident, it was good. Edwin wanted to spend another second like this.
The young, robust body of the Grand Duke was seething to embrace Diana at any moment. He was not unaware of sexual impulses, but it was the first time he felt such a strong and deadly temptation.
“Your Highness, stop now…”
The moment Edwin heard the words, he somewhat became even more tempted. Edwin couldn’t stand it and buried his lips on her neck.
A soft sound leaked through Diana’s lips while Edwin tickled her neck with his tongue, his lips buried in her neck, as he did when he had kissed Diana before.
“I… ugh…”
Diana’s little fingers trembled. Edwin licked Diana’s neck with more power and urgency. He wanted to take a bite but suddenly remembered that it would leave a trace.
“When can I hear you whisper my name?” Edwin’s voice barely opened his lips.
Edwin didn’t miss Diana’s open mouth and smashed his lips against hers. With hot breaths, their tongues became entangled, and her whole body seemed to lose strength. The limited space of the carriage kept the heat in place, making Diana’s heart even more likely to burst.
Edwin’s soft tongue explored Diana’s mouth. Somewhere in his body felt itchy and burning, but Edwin couldn’t explain it. He boldly held Diana’s chest in his hand and lightly pressed it.
It was a familiar touch. Every time Edwin stuck himself close to Diana to give her a fierce kiss, his knees also dug into between her thighs.
When Edwin’s knees pressed firmly between her legs, heat continued to rush in their bodies. Diana couldn’t stand the tickling sensation in her lower abdomen and hugged Edwin’s neck. Then Edwin attached himself to Diana more as if he had waited. His knees were intentionally halfway deeper between Diana’s legs.
“Your Highness, stop…”
But Edwin stroked Diana’s chest and held her finger in the center.
Diana closed her eyes. Reflectively, Edwin’s arms held her. Sweet pleasure spread from Edwin’s fingertips to Diana’s whole body. Edwin’s full hand began to slide down to Diana’s chest. Soon, it crept to her slender waist and her ample hips.
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