Novel Name : I Should Have Read The Ending

I Should Have Read The Ending - Chapter 45

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Chapter 45 –  A Wagon Accident
“Do you have any other schedule, Young Lady?”
At the question of Jerome, Diana shook her head. It was not a good idea to remain outside in this weather. At that time, Jerome’s assistant approached him, and Jerome went back to Diana.
“What happened?” Diana curiously asked.
“There’s a wagon accident.”
As soon as he spoke, embarrassment gleamed in his golden eyes. It was a rare sight.
“Please forgive me,” he continued.
Diana’s father was famous for his wagon accident. It was especially excruciating because it happened when she was only five years old.
“Don’t mind.”
“Thank you for your generosity.”
As expected, there was something special about Diana. She seemed like a riddle, and Jerome was always fascinated.
“The Marquis of Belfort’s wagons slipped in the rain and fell out. They said the horse was the cause. It had a sudden seizure.”
“I hope no one got hurt.”
“No one.”
“You mean my carriage?”
“Yes, I’m afraid.”
Even in this era, traffic accidents often occurred. There were many variables prone to accidents. First, it was pulled by a horse, and second, wheels can be broken. Nevertheless, the aristocrats were forced to ride in the wagon because they can’t walk like a commoner.
“Mrs. Marquis is sending an apology to the young Lady.”
Perhaps Mrs. Marquis was fretting right now. Of all, it hit Carl’s wagon. It was lucky that Diana was not inside. If she had hit a commoner child passing by, she wouldn’t have cared at all, but the main concern was that it was a Carl.
“It was an accident.” Jerome quickly added.
“Anyway, it’s understandable that an accident happens, if no one is hurt, that’s enough.” She didn’t want to pay much attention if no one was hurt. The carriage was ready to be repaired.
“Well, Mrs. Marquis is lucky.”
Jerome’s words were too soft that Diana could not hear them and asked back.
“I said yes, but what about your way back home?”
“Oh, yes, what should I do?”
“It’s best to send a messenger to the craftsman and bring the wagon back, but in this weather, it will take a while.”
Diana didn’t like the idea. It was boring just thinking about the afternoon spent in the government office on a rainy day when she had already finished her business.
“Is there no other way?”
“Do you mind riding in the wagons of others?”
“I don’t mind that. You know my address.” Diana was an aristocratic lady who prioritized efficiency before anything else.
“I was foolish. If you don’t mind, use my carriage. I have some work to do at the office anyway.”
“I like that one. Thank you.”
“You are welcome.”
Jerome bowed down his head as a courtesy. His carriage, a low-ranking aristocrat, and a troubleshooter for all things would be too rough and unpolished for the young lady to ride. But Diana was more than willing to take the carriage than waste her time in the office.
“My assistant will clean up your carriage and send it back to your mansion. Of course, it’s a service for my noble client. ”
“Good. Thank you.” Diana smiled faintly. The government office was quiet and deserted. Jerome went to call the horseman, and Diana was observing every corner of its building.
“The wagon has arrived!” exclaimed the gatekeeper.
Jerome acted fast. As Diana nodded her head, the gatekeeper put an umbrella over her and led her to the carriage. It was raining harder than before.
Diana shook her head and quickly climbed the wagon’s stairs, avoiding the rain. Soon the door of the carriage closed, and the sound of rain grew faint.
But there was already a passenger in the carriage. Diana recognized the person without taking a look. Edwin’s voice was so low and so full that he could hardly be mistaken for anyone else.
“Your Highness? Diana raised her head, her face filled with embarrassment and curiosity at the same time.
“How?” Despite Diana’s ambiguous words, Edwin looked at her calmly. It was only then that Diana felt that the carriage she was riding was too big and colorful. It can’t be Jerome’s wagon.
“No matter how long I waited, the rain never stopped.”
Edwin became anxious. He saw Diana splashed with raindrops and handed her a handkerchief from his pocket. At that silent favor, Diana gave a slight nod, accepting the handkerchief.
The black handkerchief was embroidered with Edwin’s initials, and there was no particular decoration. However, when the handkerchief was used to wipe out the splashed raindrops on her cheek, Edwin’s unique, strong body odor was exuded.
“I have no choice to create such a coincidence.” A slight mischievous smile crept in his lips.
“Is this a coincidence?”
“Sure. It’s a coincidence on a rainy day.” The lie smoothly rolled from his tongue.
“I wish the Duke of Carl’s mansion was a little farther away.”
Diana bowed slightly. She was conscious and didn’t know where to look. It was the first time they had been together in such a narrow space. The damp air gave Edwin a strong scent.
“There was a wagon accident, and my wagon was broken… So I decided to ride another carriage.”
It was an unsolicited remark. Diana seemed to be making an excuse for nothing, but she wanted to explain her situation to some extent. Edwin had a faint, weary smile around his mouth as he gazed at Diana.
“I like this coincidence very much.”
Edwin was always straightforward. Even now, he was looking at Diana with his black eyes, which she could hardly ignore. At that time, the carriage stopped, and the horseman came back to the window and said something to Edwin.
“Oh, my God, the wagons of Belfort are still in trouble. They can’t get out of this alley until they’re done.”
He didn’t look sorry at all. On the contrary, the smile on his lips deepened a little; his eyes fixed on Diana.
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