Novel Name : I Should Have Read The Ending

I Should Have Read The Ending - Chapter 44

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Chapter 44 – Dangerous Passion
The day for Trisha as the new maid was arduous. Her fellow maids treated her with a cold-shoulder because of the rumors that she was among the nightly maids. Lucas, who seemed to be giving a little attention, quickly forgot about Trisha when he learned that there was no news on Diana.
“Oh!” Trisha lost her balance because of her worn-out shoes, blocking the way of the other maid.
“Can’t you get out of my way?”
The other maids usually came from the middle-class aristocracy. They were single ladies who entered as imperial household maids to learn proper etiquette before entering into marriage. The maids, when gathered together, seemed to look like young socialites.
The maid shook her shoulders. There was an unpleasant expression on the maid’s face, sending Trisha a nasty look. The two other girls approached the maid, comforting her. Contempt was evident in the eyes of each other; bitter murmurs escaped their lips. They talked for a long time about the vulgarity of Trisha’s existence and disappeared among themselves. The rest of the job was, as always, left to Trisha.
“It’s all right.”
Trisha heaved a deep sigh and remained calm as if she had grown accustomed to it. That’s how they were as peers. At the least, they did not act indiscriminately like her father Baron Blanc, nor were as terrible as the maids who had chosen the nightly ladies.
Trisha, 17, who had gone through a lot in life, could not have lifted an eyebrow in envy at the young girls of her age.
“I’ll pay you back anyway.”
Trisha’s red eyes burned with determination. Although she could not meet Diana because of the public eyes, soon, she will be able to see her after she becomes the crowned princess.
It’s probably the adults around who stopped us from seeing each other. Well, when Diana becomes a princess, it will be solved.
“When Diana comes. Those idiots will be alarmed. You can’t look down on me, then.” She gripped the vase she was cleaning with contempt.
She was now anxiously waiting for the presence of her only friend, Diana. It was a virtue that certainly awakened the truth of friendship that she had ever known.
Although she had noble blood in her veins, she cannot deny the fact that what she had experienced now only became possible because of Diana’s highly reputable status.
It was her friendship with Diana that she was able to play in the mansion of the Duke of Carl when they were still young. It was also because of Diana’s name that she was able to get out as a nightly maid and was able to converse with the Prince, whom certainly she cannot possibly meet with her capacity only.
Trisha’s bright mind quickly concluded: if Trisha loses Diana, her life would be hopeless. And it’s already been a while since they had seen each other. Trisha vowed to herself that when the opportunity comes again, she won’t miss it.
“I need Diana until I get settled.”
It’s a fact she had faced even long before. Trisha without Diana was nothing. She participated in a tea party and enjoyed a luxury at the imperial palace under the guise of Diana’s friend. If she hadn’t met Diana when she was younger, Trisha would not have known Diana all her life.
“I can’t lose.” Trisha’s eyes flared redder than the sunset.
It has been raining since morning, and it wasn’t good weather to go out. But Diana was already dressed.
Gray took the umbrella and ushered Diana to the carriage. The wagon stopped at a government building, and the attendant quickly opened the door in the office where Jerome was waiting to see Diana.
“I’m sorry to let the Lady go out in this kind of weather.
“It’s a fixed schedule.”
Jerome smiled strangely. He has met so many clients, but none have kept their appointments in this kind of weather. The nobles were privileged. They canceled their meetings with Jerome just because they didn’t like the weather or just felt unwell.
“It’s the Lady who says that.”
Although he was not aware of it, Diana had no sense of privilege despite her noble status. It was because of the secrets of Diana’s identity,  but it seemed very generous and straightforward in the eyes of someone who did not know what was beneath.
“The secretary is waiting. I’m done with the paperwork, and it has  permission from the Duke of Carl.”
In Jerome’s eyes, Aaron, the Duke of Carl, was also a fascinating subject. He really should have been born a scholar, not a nobleman. No matter how indifferent he is, it was celebrated in a sense that he decided to move such a vast fortune at once.
“Can I check and sign?”
Jerome’s work was always tidy. Indeed, upon entering the clerk’s office, documents were already prepared for Diana. She looked carefully at the papers, but it seemed that everything was polished. Diana signed the documents, which had become damp due to the weather, with her elegant handwriting.
“That’s how some of the estate and property have been cleared up.”
Diana smiled gently and nodded. As Jerome said, some territory or property could be taken over only by Aaron’s mandate, but some had to go through legal proceedings.
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