Novel Name : I Should Have Read The Ending

I Should Have Read The Ending - Chapter 43

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Chapter 43 – Business With Jerome
As Diana entered the reception room, a man with brown hair stood up and bowed his head, his golden eyes glimmering with a hint of cleverness. The corners of his lips curled into a mischievous smile that was not of an ordinary aristocrat.
“I am glad to see you, Lady Diana. My name is Jerome Hayden.”
When Diana nodded her head and sat down, Jerome followed suit.
“Yes, Sir Jerome,” Diana said, who deliberately held a black handkerchief in her hand.
“Why did you come to see me?”
“First of all, I think I should introduce myself first.”
“Lawyer for the Imperial Households. You’re quite a famous lawyer, right?”
“Oh, it’s an honor for the Lady to know me. Some noble gentlemen were told to help the young Lady.”
Diana nodded calmly at the remark. Knowing who the well-known noble gentleman was, somehow, her heart was warm.
Edwin had pondered countless times of ways to support Diana while he was away. As a result, he sent Jerome to her aid.
“I’m on my way to find out about your legacy dispute.”
“But that’s what my uncle…”
“Yes, he agreed. But it’s just the beginning. You have to go through the legal procedures and nail down all of your legacies as eternal.”
Diana expected his uncle Aaron to take over, but Jerome was giving a different direction.
“Don’t you need someone to find all the work and procedures, hidden assets that might have been forgotten by the young Lady or the Carl’s?”
“That sounds like a good idea.”
She was certainly attracted to that need. The rest was, can she trust Jerome? But Jerome’s competence was so popular that even Charlotte knew, and he was sent by a man whom she trusts so much. Diana thought strict and thorough verification of his reliability was no longer necessary.
“My fee is a bit expensive, but there is nothing to worry about. In your case, the noble gentleman is responsible for the commission.”
“No, I will pay the fees for my work.”
“Hmm.” Jerome stared at Diana with curious eyes. Usually, no one will refuse this offer, even the aristocrats of high status are always accustomed to receiving offers.
“I don’t care as long as it’s worth the money.” Jerome gave a simple answer. Soon, Jerome’s assistant, waiting outside, came in and handed over some documents to Diana.
“As you can see, your good intentions are clear, but there’s still some ambiguity in the law, isn’t there?
As Jerome said, it took procedures to become the owner of legal property. Of course, his uncle Aaron could have solved it, and she has no choice but to believe in him. Aaron, a man who has forgotten his family because he was preoccupied with his research.
But Diana had no time to wait for Aaron. In the meantime, there was no guarantee that Sylvia would not play a trick.
“I see.” Diana quickly added.
“From now on, Lady Diana, you are my client, I’m going to negotiate with the Duke of Carl and get official approval from the government. In that way, I will make sure that all the property belonged to you, and has the right to do so. The most important thing about the title of the Duchess. ”
Diana’s orbs shook at the man’s words.
“The order of the court is… It was literal, the firstborn child of the Duke becomes the successor. By interpreting the legacy of the late Duke Carl, the title can be passed on to you.”
That meant Diana could be the Duchess. Diana’s heart jumped in excitement at the possibility.
“Of course, it won’t be easy. ”
“I’m sure so,” she agreed. It was Diana, who initially thought she could be the Duchess. But in fact, everything belonged to her. Diana Carl was born in the blessing of her parents, loved.
“But knowing the possibility is enough.”
“You’re wise, young Lady.” Jerome smiled at Diana.
Edwin, who was reticent in everything and doesn’t express his feelings easily, has commissioned him for Diana’s matters.
He thought the Grand Duke was a steely man. Perhaps when he saw Diana, he became weak at her beauty. It was Jerome’s assumption.
“You can’t mess things up.” Diana had a sense of calm and wisdom that nobody could ever presume from a seventeen-year-old.
Most aristocrats treat Jerome with respect, and Jerome was also cautious in showing the same courtesy. In many ways, he was a mysterious character.
“You’re right. Then I’ll visit Duke Carl’s office.”
Diana nodded. Jerome stood up as if he had finished his business. Diana unconsciously felt little expectations crumbling. She thought Edwin was going to deliver something, but there seems to be nothing. Well, maybe, Edwin was only cautious.
“Soon, Lady Diana, you will have to come to the office. I’ll call you when it’s time.”
“Do you mind if I will ask for a legal fee for our talk?”
“No, I will pay for your work.”
“Well, I am also paid for having a conversation about work.”
It was natural for modern lawyers, but Jerome requires to pay for counseling, which is rare in this era.
It was a timeless sense of money. Diana thought.
Diana prefers someone, to be honest, who reveals what he wanted. If it was money, then it was better.
“Take it from my butler.”
“Thank you, my Lady.”
Jerome went out of the reception room with gentle courtesy. He was the right person to come at the right time.
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