Novel Name : I Should Have Read The Ending

I Should Have Read The Ending - Chapter 40

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Chapter 40 –  Making Amends
“If something unfortunate were to happen to me, the title of the duke will go to my brother, Aaron. I believe he is capable of the work. However, I hope that you will inherit our property and move on your own to learn about life. The legacy I can leave you includes your well-being as a person. Apply your life’s learning in order to grow as a worthy individual.”
Although the letter was her thoughts, perhaps Diana’s parents bore the same sentiments for they loved their daughter. No one wants their beloved child to live a miserable life. Somehow, Diana was fulfilling her parents’ wishes.
“I sincerely hope that as a successor to the Duke of Carl, you will be able to manage our property and your life as well.”
“Diana, live the life you want. The many choices in life are all up to you. It is the freedom of choice that this Father leaves for you. My beloved daughter, if you live with the happiness you choose, your father wants nothing more.”
The late duke often left a love phrase in his journal. Even though the letter wasn’t the exact words of Diana’s father, it captured his love for his daughter.
“If your mother and I are no longer on this earth and you still don’t know what your possessions are upon reading this, then bring this letter to my most trusted brother, Aaron. He is my dear brother who will protect you on behalf of my will, and a wise man.”
Aaron suppressed a tear from his brimming eyes. He clutched the letter tightly, his fingers almost trembling from his deep emotions.
“Wishing the happiness of our dear Diana.”
That was how the letter ended. It was an exact phrase copied from her father’s diary. When she wrote that part, she felt a sharp stab in the chest. Then, her whole heart seemed to ache. For some reason, Diana felt sad; she was heartbroken over a sentence of love left by someone whom she had never been with.
“My brother was profound yet quiet. He rarely praised me in front of others, but he always watched my back with confidence. He would often tease me, “Do you believe in such an ugly brother? I didn’t even look at you, young man, because I believed you can.” Aaron reminisced about his moments with his late brother.
Aaron’s indifference contributed to Diana’s misfortune. If he were only interested to work on their properties, she wouldn’t have been sold as a political tool by Sylvia’s hands. To compensate for his neglect, at least Aaron possessed greater power than Sylvia which she can use for her advantage.
“I will make amends with my brother’s expectations,” Aaron declared a promise with determination.
“Diana, from now on, on your behalf, I’ll pass on your legacy, just as my brother wished. That’s what I can do as an ugly brother.” With his warm hands, Aaron held Diana’s frail ones.
“Rest assured, Diana. I must follow his will.” Aaron’s words felt heavy in Diana’s ears. She glimpsed the truth in his swollen eyes.
With that, Diana succeeded in her first plan to change her life. It was a prayer she had devoted herself to, and the hope Edwin clung. Now, it was a dream slowly manifesting in her life.
Soon, the fuming Sylvia arrived at her husband’s office. She has never been as unhappy as today.
“Diana, oh, you? What are you doing here?”
“Why are you here?” Aaron responded bluntly.
“Well, I came to take care of Diana on your behalf. I went to the mansion and they told me she’s coming here.”
“Now you don’t have to.”
“What?” Sylvia doubted her ear. Aaron was a stubborn man who took no interest in his children nor his wife. It was a surprise to Sylvia seeing Aaron conversing with Diana.
“From now on, I’ll take care of Diana myself, following my brother’s wishes.”
“What do you mean all of a sudden?”
“It’s what I said.”
Diana stood in her place and merely watched the couple argue before her.
“I realized later that I had to fulfill my brother’s will, it’ll make him feel better now.”
“So what do you intend to do?”
“I’ll hand over the entire inheritance to Diana.”
Sylvia blinked, unable to comprehend Aaron’s statement.
“I have a secretary to help me with that. Along with the attorney general.”
“What do you mean you’re conceding? What do you mean? How would you? No, Diana is about to enter the imperial palace!” The duchess stuttered in rage.
“And that’s how you lose your wealth? I’ll find you a place.”
“No, what’s the use of wealth for a soon to be Crowned Princess? I think you’ve got something wrong!”
“This is Carl’s business. You’re out.”
“You! What are you doing?” Sylvia shrilled at Aaron’s words. Immediately after, she shut her mouth as several eyes around them stared at her. Meanwhile, Aaron didn’t give a slight care and took Diana’s hand, guiding her upstairs. A group of people with thick legal books in their arms followed suit. Only Sylvia stood nailed in her spot.
“What the hell is going on?” Sylvia, who was left alone, muttered. She could not stop Aaron, who was already firm on his decision.
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