Novel Name : I Should Have Read The Ending

I Should Have Read The Ending - Chapter 39

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Chapter 39 – Secret Letter
Aaron read the letter with his blue orbs that resembled Diana’s. In between, the corner of his eyes turned red. Indeed, the letter which Diana had written all night, moved Aaron.
“Oh my heaven. Do you have anything left?” As Aaron gazed at his niece, he was reminded of his brother.
“Well done. Good job, Diana. How did you find this?”
“I think my father told me. He told me in a dream to open the desk. Then, there was a secret drawer.”
“Yes, this desk has a secret drawer. Yes, it has… My brother… He was so worried he appeared in your dreams.”
Diana felt apologetic at the sight of his uncle who stumbled and stuttered, emotional about a letter his father didn’t even write.
Charlotte told her about the secret drawer, but the letter was written by no other than herself. However, she used the paper and envelope that she found in her father’s office.
“I’m still young and don’t know what it’s about.” Diana looked up at her uncle with innocent blue eyes. “So, I came to see my uncle as my father asked me to, with this letter.”
“You did a great job. You’re very clever at your age, like your father. Don’t worry, and I’ll take care of the rest.”
Diana nodded her head at his words, waiting calmly for his decisions. Diana gave him all the clues already, now it was up to him to choose. The choice belonged to Aaron, not Sylvia.
“I don’t know or understand… will you teach me?”
At least he has a chance to make the right choice. Right now, this was an opportunity for Diana.
“That’s it.” Aaron could cover up everything and return to his young niece her inheritance, or he can delegate everything entirely to Sylvia. Either way, it was easy for him.
“Diana, it might be hard for you to understand.”
But Diana wanted to believe that her father and Aaron were very close. Aaron also wanted to think that he neglected Diana because he was indifferent, not because he was greedy. Soon, the answer will be heard from his lips.
“No, but you are brilliant, and you are seventeen now. I think I know now.”
Diana’s nervousness was evident in her quivering eyes.
“My brother, as Duke Carl, wrote his will quarterly. It was to prevent unforeseen problems.”
That was a fact that he had already recognized.
“This letter was written after he wrote his last will. Maybe because of their sudden accident that he wasn’t able to change it anymore. ”
That was also the setting that Diana had planned.
“According to the letter, he had a nightmare, and it seems that he wrote this letter and put it in a secret drawer. He was indeed wise. Perhaps he instinctively foresaw the misfortune.”
Memories and repentance were portrayed in the eyes of Aaron; it showed the affection of brotherly love. Diana hoped that his memories and love for his brother could help her now.
“Diana, even though I took over the duke, there are many other inherited assets. You were young then, so your aunt had to manage it, but it’s yours.”
Aaron crossed past the desk and stood in front of Diana. The sunlight gleamed at his massive body, casting a shadow behind him.
Diana finally saw Aaron up close. His father’s legacy, which blessed and loved Diana’s birth, depended on Aaron’s decision.
“In the imperial family, they don’t accept dowry, but it’s okay to have personal property.”
Diana was hopeful. She had planned to be self-reliant once she was freed from the harness of the prince. It was a bit different from Edwin’s expectations. First, she wanted to stand up as her own person. It was a separate matter from her heart for Edwin.
“My brother wanted you to stand strong as heir to Carl.”
Diana nodded slowly. The information in the letter was delivered accurately. Staying up all night was worthwhile as she busied herself reviewing her father’s journal. It was like gambling for a lifetime’s cause. If her trick was a failure, she cannot get Aaron’s attention.
Diana, my daughter,
I want to give you all the happiness of this world, but I write this letter in the foolishness of your father, who is having nightmares. If you don’t need this letter, nothing will be more pleasing to me. If my dream were a pure nightmare, this letter would soon be removed by your hand.
My beautiful Diana. Only after we had you, we found the pure joy of life. 
The verse was true. It was written in her father’s journal.
The first time I saw you, I wished for long life, so I was able to write a book about you. Of how our beautiful young daughter grew up.
I had a nightmare that I left you young. I felt regret even in my dreams, so I also write though I know it’s a tilt.
This part was creative. Fortunately, it’s not noticeable.
If you have misery in which you are left alone in this world, then I doubt that my youngest brother, Aaron, will take care of you. We also believe that the employees of the mansion will care for you as we treat them as families.
If there was one thing that bothered me, I was worried that if you were left alone at a young age, you wouldn’t find yourself because you were young. That was not the image of Carl’s successor I want. 
Diana, I wish you could live your self-reliance. I hope you can live your own life knowing that there is an infinite life potential.
She lived as an empress in Diana’s life, so she knew how important self-worth was. Perhaps it was a message from Diana yet to be seventeen, to the seventeen Diana who found a new opportunity.
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