Novel Name : I Should Have Read The Ending

I Should Have Read The Ending - Chapter 38

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Chapter 38 – Memories in the Mahogany
The next day, it was a rare morning for the duchess who was in a hurry. Diana clothed herself in a new dress and wore white gloves to fit the formality. Everyone gathered in front of the mansion’s gate to see the young master.
“Goodbye, Lady.”
All the employees, led by Gray, gathered and bowed their heads. Diana, accompanied by Charlotte, boarded the carriage gracefully; the destination to Diana’s uncle’s office. She did not intend to wait passively with the help of Edwin. Diana herself had to move.
“The Duchess who said she would come today will be surprised to see you’re not there.”
“My aunt sleeps a lot during mornings, she probably hasn’t even gotten up yet.”
Diana looked slightly nervous. The upcoming mission was one of the empire’s public institutions. His uncle, Duke Aaron Carl, used to spend a long time in the Oval Office as a member of the Imperial Congress.
“Will my uncle meet me?”
“There is no reason that your uncle will not meet you,” Charlotte nodded to ease Diana’s anxiety.
“Duke Aaron had a very close relationship with your father. He was very obedient to him.”
That means he would be generous to Diana, who inherited his father’s blood. Aaron, as a duke, was so careless that he was close to incompetence, but as an uncle, he had the potential.
People say that Aaron is a typical researcher. He has no interest in the work of the family, nor the countries, and Sylvia was taking the full advantage.
“The Duke wants you to come into the office.”
Fortunately, Diana’s wait was not too long. Diana said to Charlotte, “It’s okay,” and she followed the chief into the office.
The office was quite spacious, and there was a large mahogany desk by the full window where the sun shone through. The Duke of Aaron Carl, Diana’s uncle, stood in front of the office and nodded to greet Diana when she entered.
“It’s been a long time, Diana.”
“Yes. It’s been a while since I last saw you, uncle.”
It was the first time for her. But in Diana’s childhood, he had appeared several times. Aaron asked Diana to sit down. Diana sat down, gracefully clutching the hem of her dress.
“Oh, yes. I’ve heard that you are chosen for the Crown. I thought I’d go and visit you, but I’ve been preoccupied with something else, and I’ve forgotten it again. I’m sorry.”
“It’s okay. Aunt Sylvia takes care of me often.”
“Yes, I leave all the housework to her.”
He never thought it would bring his niece’s misfortune. Aaron grew up as a man who was typically not interested in housework, and his unique academic temperament turned him into a careless, indifferent human being.
“What brought you here? If you had sent a messenger, I would have visited the mansion.”
“I’m sorry I didn’t contact you.”
“No, I wasn’t scolding you. I’m glad to see you grow up after a long time.”
It wasn’t a bad start. With a gentle smile on Diana’s face, she stared at Aaron who stood before the mahogany desk.
“I have the same desk in my house.”
“Oh, yes! This desk was originally a pair. My brother and I shared it. It’s a luxury made of old mahogany. It’s a nice pair of patterns because it was cut from the same tree.”
Aaron’s face turned red. As the topic appeared to interest him, his chatter increased significantly. For Aaron, the desk is a precious treasure and symbolizes his memories with his brother. Diana had brought it up intentionally. It made the atmosphere very soft.
“It’s also about the desk that I have to see my uncle today.”
“The desk?”
Diana stood up, holding a small envelope in her hand. “I thought about my parents a while ago, and I looked around the room with my treasures. The maid told me that it was a space where my father used to work.”
So far, she hasn’t told a lie.
“Yes, it was. My brother had an office in the mansion and took care of his family from time to time. You’ve already grown up. Oh, Diana, how old were you?”
“The time is fast. You are seventeen years old now, and I’m old enough to look at my father’s traces.”
Aaron seemed to feel the sentiment at the moment. It was a good sign for Diana who purposely attracted his attention. She needed someone who could hold a conversation without Sylvia. Only the duke in front of her was more powerful than Sylvia, the duchess.
“Yes, please, I’m interested in my father’s books and desk.”
“I’m very proud of you.”
However, though he was an indifferent reader, he was a natural researcher to his children. It was the best way to approach the issue.
“I found the letter while I was looking around.”
Aaron stared at the envelope in her hand.
“It’s my father’s letter.” As Diana added, Aaron looked at the envelope more carefully.
“I came here because I wanted it to show it to you. I’m still young and can’t understand the letter. I think I need help from my uncle.”
It was a pretty bold move, and Diana’s sufferings in the hands of the imperial family had made it possible.
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