Novel Name : I Should Have Read The Ending

I Should Have Read The Ending - Chapter 32

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Chapter 32 – The Eternal Sword
Opening the locked door, a larger space appeared than expected.
“Come on, you’ll see.”
Charlotte gently led Diana by hand. The room was much wider than she presumed while looking from outside.
Diana opened her eyes wide and looked around. A large mahogany desk was placed by the window, and an oak cabinet full of glittering objects can be also seen on the other side.
“It’s a room where we collect things that are especially valuable for our work. Originally, the former Duke used this as his office.” Charlotte unfolded a summary of the story of the place.
Diana stepped slowly and stood at the corner where the desk was located. The old mahogany desk was well managed, but it wasn’t able to conceal itself from the specks of dust. As Diana reached out to sweep the surface of the desk, she could feel the depth of the antiquity.
“Of course, I know you would prefer that desk over jewelry.”
If Diana was just like any other normal girl, she would have already been busy running to the cabinet and touching the jewels, but then again,  Diana is different from the others. Charlotte, however, loved her mature spirit better.
“That’s all…how about the money?”
It was awkward for the word money to come out of her mouth.
Charlotte responded with a nod and opened the cabinet immediately.
The jewels that laid idle in each cabinet looked precious even to Diana’s innocent eyes. She was quite impressed to see the way the cabinets were lined up.
“Look around slowly. It’s all yours.”
Diana walked along the stretch of the room, as Charlotte said. Jewelry glistened in various colors, gloves were woven in extraordinarily delicate lace, and ornaments that she doesn’t know what to use for were displayed in every corner. Both stood still, admiring the splendor.
“Oh…” Diana mumbled as she traipsed around the room.
Suddenly, Diana stopped in her tracks. Even when she saw a diamond as big as the size of her fist, she chose to stop in front of one of the simplest objects found in front of her.
“You really look like your mother.” Charlotte came in and interrupted the curiosity in Diana’s mind.
“I might not know my mother, but at least she left me something that I won’t forget,” Diana spoke kindly.
That was the sword Diana used when she stabbed herself. She might not recognize it at first, but she couldn’t have been mistaken. She couldn’t forget the sensation of that sword stabbing her in the neck.
“It looks like an ordinary dagger made of silver, but it’s actually a treasure from the Tires family for generations. ” Charlotte said.
The dagger was small enough to give Diana’s little hand a perfect grip of the weapon. When she touched it herself, a strong feeling of agitation vividly soared inside her, and her head felt dizzy.
The old silver dagger had no decoration, only a mysterious pattern was engraved on its sheath.
“There’s a legend in this dagger that protects the people who have it and it has the ability to make their wishes come true.” Charlotte continued.
Diana didn’t know that much, but it was clear that this dagger was a trigger for her reincarnation. That’s what the original story was all about. At first, she was puzzled about where it came from, but now she has found out that it was originally from Diana’s mother.
Maybe she wanted to take her mother’s belongings with her when she became the Empress. And it happened to be this dagger.
“May I take this out?”
Something inside Diana didn’t want to let go of the sword.
“I told you. It’s all yours.” Charlotte confirmed.
There must have been some force in this sword. Diana kept on insisting on the thought.
“In fact, you always wanted to have a sword, but a young lady at your age is not advised to use one…maybe this object has found your side. ” Charlotte reminded Diana.
This dagger wasn’t surprising.
Diana held the small dagger in her hand and cherished it. Somehow, her heart seemed to be sinking.
After confirming what Charlotte told her and after seeing the treasures intended for her, Diana has found the only important thing, and that alone is considered as today’s progress.
Diana will surely change her fate.
When darkness fell, Diana’s heart began to flutter. Today, it wasn’t enough to leave the window open in advance, so she kept her gaze outside the window.
Then she saw something moving near the tree. If she hadn’t paid attention, it would have seemed to be a tree swaying in the wind.
Then it was fast. Edwin, cloaked in a black robe, hid in the dark.
“Did you wait?” Edwin took off the robe and asked in a subtle way.
“Yes.” Diana did not deny her feelings. The short remark quickly smoothed a smile around Edwin’s mouth.
She offered a seat with her eyes. Edwin changed the position of the chair quietly, before sitting closer than what he did yesterday. It was a knee-inch distance from Edwin, who sat beside Diana diagonally. Diana just blushed slightly at their closeness.
“The sun rarely goes down today.” Edwin also waited for this night to come and see the enchanting beauty of Diana. It was the first time a day felt so long.
Edwin took Diana’s soft hand, who had not left his mind all day. It was a light contact that puts their bare skin together, spreads warm smiles around their mouths, and makes their hearts relaxed.
“Is it alright to ask how was your day today?”
It was only a day, but Diana nodded her head as a sign of approval. Every day felt new now.
“I heard a story today about my parents, who passed away.”
“You lost your parents early?”
“Yes, they died in a wagon accident when I was five.”
Edwin shut his mouth tightly and held up Diana’s hand a little instead.
“But there was something I didn’t know. In fact, my rights to my parents’ legacy… ”
“I was also aware of that part, but we’re good at heart.”
Edwin, who gives meaning to even the smallest things, felt very reassuring. The aristocratic and strong impression of his sharp eyes was overwhelming, but it was surprising that he was actually like Diana.
“If you become a princess, those treasures will be useless.”
“The imperial family does not receive a dowry, so your uncle may take it with you.”
Sylvia’s intentions were more apparent. It was a way to have both power and wealth.
“Actually, heritage doesn’t really matter.” Edwin repeated the thought.
“No. It may become important.”
There was doubt in Diana’s eyes. Edwin continued, his voice serious. It was a rather cautious subject.
“No matter how many times I looked, there was no way you could refuse Lucas.”
“Yes…” Diana nodded bitterly.
“But there was an instance of a cancellation.”
“An instance?”
“Yes. A grave flaw in the Crown Princess candidate before the wedding takes place. When discovered, the marriage agreement is canceled.”
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