Novel Name : I Should Have Read The Ending

I Should Have Read The Ending - Chapter 31

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Chapter 31 – The Key
There was sadness in Charlotte’s eyes. Still with love and warmth, but the ray of sadness couldn’t be concealed. It must be heartbreaking to think that Diana, who is only 17, asked her because she doesn’t want to forget about her memories with her parents who are already dead.
“Would you like to hear an old story?”
Diana nodded cautiously.
“When you were younger, I often told you old stories. Don’t you remember that?”
“I do not know.”
“It’s okay because I remember everything.”
Diana felt at ease listening to Charlotte’s gentle voice. For the first time, they sat side by side with each other. Charlotte poured milk tea into Diana’s half-empty teacup and smiled.
“Your parents, the Duke and  Duchess, were wonderful people. I used to serve your mother before she got married.”
Unlike any other maid who does petty work, Charlotte’s position was special. On rare occasions, the aristocrats or the imperial family would have someone to assist them. They were mostly from the same aristocracy but were not married because of their low status or reasons.
“The two had a very good time, and they became much happier when you were born. You’ve been very pretty since you were a baby. You looked like the Duke, but above all, you looked a lot like your mother. Shiny hair, blue eyes…The more you grow up, the more I see your mom.”
At first, it seemed to be a story of others, but when Diana saw Charlotte’s eyes moist, she realized it was a little bit real.
Diana was loved. She was a child born with affection and care from her parents. It somehow came to her in a daze. She didn’t even know who her parents were before she entered the book since she was abandoned in front of the orphanage because she was crippled.
“Your existence was the joy of your parents.”
“Of course. It was festive everyday.  Everything about you was a breath of fresh air.”
It was strange, that she used to be loved, and her existence was celebrated by someone before, but when she lived as Empress Diana, she didn’t feel anything at all. At that time, Edwin’s courtship was also known, but Diana was not able to notice, maybe because she felt that it was a customary one, with no affection.
“They both loved you very much, and they’re probably still watching you from heaven and praying for your happiness.” Charlotte consoled Diana.
Diana has been loved since birth. Charlotte’s statement was heartbreaking if it was true, especially now that she has become an Empress. If her parents really loved her, they would not have been able to close their eyes comfortably in the sky seeing their little child suffering in vain.
“If there hadn’t been an unfortunate carriage accident back when you were five…” Charlotte continued. She thought seventeen was still a young age. But it turned out that Diana had already lost her parents for most of her young life.
Perhaps, Charlotte naturally had a hint on what kind of future Diana could possibly have. She said Diana was a talkative yet profound type of child and it gave her an idea of
what Diana was like when she was young.
“But I’m sure you’ll be happy because you know you’ve grown up so well.” Charlotte complimented.
“Should I?… I don’t know. What happened after the accident?”
“Of course I stayed to serve you. Your uncle succeeded the Duke. This position has left to honor you and your ancestors.”
That’s why they left me as a child in an empty mansion. Diana swallowed a bitter taste of the memory in her mind. Now she was persistently visited and tormented when she became available for marriage to the imperial family,
“You’re the only heir.”
“Me? “ Surprising facts made Diana’s eyes bigger.
“Of course, you are the only child of the Duke and Duchess.”
She thought everything her parents possessed was included in the succession of the title, but it wasn’t.
“Don’t you know that  everything in this mansion belongs to you?”
Though described as empty, the mansion itself was very large. The owner and the actual inhabitant is the young Diana alone, and no one enters or exits.
“I thought it was all my uncle’s because he became the duke.”
“Huh? Well, you don’t know because you’re still young.”
Charlotte looked at Diana with a sweet smile. According to her standards, seventeen is a very young age, but Diana was young and precocious. Besides, she was old enough to find out everything about herself.
“It’s true that your uncle was the duke. Therefore, the order of the duke belonged to your uncle. But the title does not include the property belonging to your parents.” Charlotte explained the mechanisms further.
Sylvia, the current duchess, used to stress to Charlotte outright that little Diana didn’t have to know much. To some extent, Charlotte agreed, but if Diana herself wanted to know, she had no reason to hide it. That was also Charlotte’s most important role.
“First of all, this mansion is not originally the Duke’s house. That’s why your uncle and his wife are living in the Duchess’ mansion now.  That’s the mansion of Duchy. ”
Diana blinked upon hearing a story that was new to her.
“Your mother’s mom, the former Duchess, was from the old Tires family, so don’t be surprised if you will be receiving a lot of dowry and jewelry when you get married… but of course, it’s up to you. ”
As an infant, she never thought she had power. Of course, Diana thought she had to marry into the imperial family for power, but now that she sees it, she doesn’t think so.
“You really didn’t know anything,” Charlotte said with a bit of regret.
Originally, these were things she had to learn directly from her parents after she became an adult.
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