Novel Name : I Should Have Read The Ending

I Should Have Read The Ending - Chapter 30

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Chapter 30 – The Old Tale
Diana slowly opened the letter written and sent to her by Prince Lucas, whose handwriting was very familiar even at first glance. It was as bold and curved as his character.
Lady Diana,
First of all, I hope you will get better before our wedding. It is something I am nervous about. So, please make yourself at home.
At this point, Diana sighed. Lucas was self-centered. Since birth, he didn’t have compassion for others, and he was born that way, and, unfortunately, he grew up that way.
Finally, I heard from your best friend, Trisha, that you enjoyed walking in the garden. I promise to make a more beautiful garden for you.
Lucas Farrell
That’s it! Diana frowned and crumpled the letter. She was annoyed at what he was asking from her, and now she wanted to see Trisha.
“I don’t care now.”
It was a calm, cynical remark that didn’t go well with a seventeen-year-old lady. She guessed Trisha couldn’t have fooled Lucas in their first meeting. Lucas deserved to feel empty because he didn’t have any toys at the moment, but it wasn’t for Diana to worry because Trisha would fill the position soon.
More than that…it’s a question of what my future holds.
Diana calmly faced her situation on her own. She doesn’t have parents to protect and to take care of her. The title of the Duchess and the Carls was all she had.
Of course, there was some wealth, but Diana wasn’t particularly extravagant. If she lived a normal life, she wouldn’t suffer from monetary scarcity until she died.
If a noble person cannot decide who to marry, that doesn’t mean anything. Diana protested in her mind.
Non-marriage was possible in modern times, but it is impossible for an aristocratic lady like Diana. Imperial families like Diana’s were encouraged to marry in order to gain more wealth and power in the family. Although she grew up full of attention, it was ironic that she could not decide on her own life.
“Well, lady?”
The gentle voice of Charlotte cut off her thoughts. As she turned around, Charlotte smiled in a straight posture.
“I’m sorry. I knocked several times, but I don’t think you heard.”
“Oh, it’s okay.”
“This is your favorite milk tea.”
Diana stared at the teacup for a moment. Did she like milk tea? She can’t recall. Diana, the Empress, had no likes or dislikes. As soon as it was served even, it seemed unfamiliar.
“Drink while it’s warm.” Charlotte offered.
“Thank you.”
Reluctant to Charlotte’s kindness, a sip of soft milk was felt. Yet, the aftertaste of the tea was a bit salty. Diana felt a smile spreading in her mouth without her knowing.
“Really…It’s delicious.”
Milk tea was everything that suited her. It was not too sweet nor too bitter. Then Diana slowly realized that she likes milk tea.
“It’s your favorite,” Charlotte said.
Even  Diana was unsure at first, Charlotte knew that she liked milk tea. It was a small thing, but something new to her.
“Yes, I like milk tea,” she seconded
Charlotte smiled a gentle smile as she saw Diana speaking something new.
A girl who has been quiet since she was a child was actually a deep, loving child. It is a fact to be proud of as Charlotte, who has raised Diana almost like her daughter although she has been acting a little strange lately. Well, it may be because Charlotte can’t deny the fact that a child grows up. Now Diana was seventeen and she’s already close to adulthood.
“You seem to have a lot of worries these days, so I prepared it.”
“I do?”
“Yes, you’ve been thinking deep lately. Was it because of your cold?”
But both knew that it was not.
“Do you have any concerns?” Charlotte’s sweet voice alleviated Diana.
Would this be the feeling if I had a mother? It was foreign to Diana. Before she entered the book, she had no mother in her life as Diana.
“Just please…”
She must have changed her behavior. Charlotte could have thought it of some kind of strange because she was a close person. Diana had no idea what kind of child she was.
“Well, Charlotte.”
“Yes, Lady.”
Perhaps she doesn’t need to worry about being alone in life. Seeing Charlotte’s eyes full of good faith, Diana first felt the presence of others for the first time.
“I have a lot of thoughts these days, I guess it’s time to ask.” Diana finally opened up in a way how a seventeen-year-old youngster would normally do.
“So I was curious.”
Diana furtively gave a hint. Charlotte looked lovingly at Diana. She was different from anyone around Diana when she lived as an Empress. Having been through that hard life, Diana was convinced that she could trust her.
“What were my parents like? ”
The question could naturally lead to the past. Charlotte stared at Diana for a moment and sat across from her.
“They were amazing people.”
It was an exemplary answer, but not enough for Diana.
“I can’t remember what happened when I was young. I don’t know why… I’ve been having more headaches since I’ve been sick.”
“Old memories are bound to fade. You don’t have to overdo it.”
“I just wondered what kind of people my parents were,  and what kind of child I was when my parents were alive.”
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