Novel Name : I Should Have Read The Ending

I Should Have Read The Ending - Chapter 27

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Chapter 27 – The Feet
Once upon a time, a scene like this existed already. Trisha remembered when she opened Diana’s closet and wore a dress for their playhouse. Trisha’s eyes were full of emotion and affection, recalling their childhood memories.
But recently, Diana’s heart is in turmoil with her marriage, but I’m glad that we were still friends.
“Well, then, Trisha. You should go home today, too.”
“Huh? But I’m going to nurse you.”
“As you can see, I’m fine already.” Diana was sitting at a table. The cold was just an excuse to enjoy reading calmly. Trisha may not have noticed it, but it was a brilliant excuse.
“I’ve been lying down all this time, so I wanted to sit and have a quiet time reading alone.”
“Ah…that’s why.” Trisha nodded her head. Diana quietly raised her hand and pointed to another table in front of the bookcase.
“Oh, take that, too.”
“Huh, what is it?”
“You’ll see.”
It was a package made of luxurious satin. Trisha untied the package with her quick fingers. Inside it was a finely crafted hairpin. The emerald color was brilliant, like Lucas’ eyes. It will stand out more in Trisha’s red hair.
“This…I take it too?”
“Yes. You said you wanted to become my maid. Therefore, I wanted to give you something in return.”
“I already got a dress.”
“It’s nothing.”
This was far from ordinary friendship. Diana wanted to make it clear. There is no price for a pure friendship. This item is not as important to Diana, but it’ll be considered a treasure to Trisha. And there is no way Trisha can refuse such a thing.
“It looks so expensive… ”
“I said it’s okay.” When Diana insisted, Trisha put the pin in her hand.
“Of course, you’ll tell him I’m still suffering from a cold, right?”
It was not a good deed without a price.
“I need time to think alone.”
“Yes, I understand everything. Thank you so much, Diana.”
“No, you do me a favor.” Diana gave a strange smile. It was an elegant excuse for doing her a favor, and in fact, it was like a bribe. That was better because she didn’t want Trisha to use their friendship for her own benefit.
“You’re really a good friend. I’ll do better, from now on. Tell me if there’s anything I can do for you.”
Diana looked at Trisha without giving any answer. Trisha murmured a few words to herself and then left the bedroom. Only then could Diana breathe out comfortably.
That’s what you’ve always wanted.
Diana, who was left alone, felt sorry Trisha, who was particularly fond of glittering things. Looking back, she thought that Trisha’s greed was a result of something that she couldn’t have easily.
Either way, Diana still couldn’t understand. She inherited a multitude of artifacts from her mother, but she was not fascinated by things. However, it was difficult to paint Trisha’s desire as mere lust. She saw that nothing could satisfy her greed.
Now, what will you do? Diana spoke to herself quietly. After hearing about Lucas, the quiet time reminded her of the old days. When she first became Diana, she was already an empress and could not even find her place because she was overshadowed by Trisha.
Even as newlyweds, it didn’t give Diana a chance to taste happiness. Lucas has been a cold-hearted person since birth.
Due to lack of interest, Diana was burnt out and had no time to think properly. She only wanted to get out of the situation. That was the reason why she hastened her death.
Oh… Diana sat down with her two legs raised. As she shook her feet, her cute little toes danced.
It was natural for Diana, as what most people do. But it wasn’t so for herself before she became Diana.
Before she became Diana in the book, she could not freely use her legs.
Okay. There is also a good point to look for. 
When she got up, Diana slowly walked around her bedroom. Before she became Diana in the book, she felt so free to walk on her two feet.
She felt incredible, walking with her bare feet; she can feel her legs moving again. And it was like magic to her.
Now I can go anywhere with my feet.
She did. She used to be idle because she couldn’t use her legs. A helpless person who can’t even move without the help of others. That was herself. Diana had no family, no friends, and others who visited her were only there in line of duty or service.
She first remembered Diana. Empress Diana was a shy type of girl. She was not able to walk on her bare feet, and even though the Empress ranked very high, Diana’s life was not much different from her life.
‘Your Majesty, the sun is hot, it is harmful to you…’
‘It is impossible. You must keep your body…’
‘No. You are not allowed to do that, your Majesty…’
It happened everywhere in her life. Diana had no right to dress or wash herself. The imperial law was very severe, and the high status was forbidden of doing something for themselves.
“Today, you will be wearing pearls on this dress,” said the maid as she busied dressing her.
Diana was a doll trapped in a beautiful palace. Standing still, the maids came and gave her everything from underwear to jewelry.
‘Really beautiful.’
Only Diana’s wardrobes and jewelries are her companions in the room. Funny enough, Diana never picked her own clothes. Once she had the courage to say that she didn’t like red, she didn’t attempt to try again after receiving an earful of sermons.
From then on, everything felt monotonous for Diana. What existed in the imperial family was an Empress, not Diana. The Empress had to wear clothes for the time and place, and there has to be a trinket for every specific imperial event.
‘Your Majesty, it’s time for a walk.’
It was the only time Diana loved. After the meals at the end of every morning, the maid suggested that she walk around the garden only when there was no sunshine or rain.
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