Novel Name : I Should Have Read The Ending

I Should Have Read The Ending - Chapter 26

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Chapter 26 – A Perfect Lie
The next day, an unexpected guest came to see Diana. Noticing Charlotte’s strange expression, curiosity arose in her. As soon as Charlotte delivered the news to Diana, the latter frowned, her fine brows raised.
“So, Trisha told you she’s now an imperial maid and was sent by the Crown Prince?”
Diana reaffirmed Charlotte’s words if it was a mistake, but it was true. The head that had been filled completely with thoughts about Edwin began to become complicated.
A maid? That was unplanned development. Diana thought Trisha would cut her off from her life and that she could live her life quietly.
“I’ll see her.”
“Yes, lady. I’ll send her in.”
Soon Trisha’s face appeared before Diana and was all more cheerful than ever.
It was a modest dress, but her pleasant look attracted Diana’s attention.
“I passed to become an imperial maid!” Trisha exclaimed.
“I heard so.” Diana slowly sat down. Trisha’s red eyes were shining as if she wanted a compliment.
“It was my first time to see such a wonderful place. Of course, it’s imperial, but everything was more amazing and beautiful than I imagined.”
“How?” Despite Diana’s reckless answer, Trisha’s facial expression never ceased to be bright.
“Ah…actually, the Duchess wrote me a letter of recommendation saying that you might feel lonely if you would enter the palace later. It might help you if I become your first-hand maid until you get used to the imperial family.”
Trisha’s mouth was a bit curled. It was a good excuse, and it wasn’t apparent that it was a lie.
“Oh no, why would my aunt do that?”
“Ah…the Duchess is worried about you, and I’ve always wanted to be of help to you. If I told you so, you might stop me because you do not want me to have a hard time. So, I wanted to surprise you.” Trisha fumbled her hands and put on a shy look.
It was indeed a surprise. It wasn’t very pleasant to see someone you wish to remove from your life, appear again.
“I know Prince Majesty, too! Your Highness, the Crown Prince, was a good man. He was incredibly mature and wonderful to be of the same age.”
She won something. No matter how free Lucas was, he never had to mix words with a maid.
“How?” Diana asks innocently.
Trisha smiled brighter at Diana’s striking question. She could have been killed if she would tell the secret to the soon to be the first lady. Above all, it was her pride to meet Lucas and say that she was only out of the crisis because of Diana.
“Oh, by accident, as I entered upon the recommendation of the Duchess, I told him that I am your friend….I guess you knew.”
“I see,” Diana answered bluntly.
Despite her calm words, Trisha kept squeezing a smile. Diana, on the other hand, was in a state of disarray because of her upcoming wedding. But, she believes that once she gets in and stays with Trisha, their old friendship will reignite. She could bear this much for her friend.
“Diana, when the Prince heard that you had a cold, His Majesty sent me by himself.”
After the announcement of the Crown Prince, invitations from the society poured in. Diana put forward the insincere excuse of a cold to get out of there.
“What a generous, grown-up man.” Trisha continued.
That’s not true. 
It was way far from the truth. Lucas wasn’t very mature when he became emperor. What Trisha fell in love with was the shadow of the crown prince behind Lucas.
“Oh, and this.” Trisha held out an envelope stamped with the imperial seal. Lucas seemed to have written something down.
I’ll see you later.
A slight disappointment flashed through Trisha’s curious eyes, but it had nothing to do with Diana. Suddenly, however, the combination of Trisha and Lucas came to her mind.
“Trisha, will you see the prince again when you go back?”
“Yes, I think so.”
Diana smiled faintly.
“Do the ladies have any dress codes?”
“Oh, yes, but I haven’t paid yet.” Trisha smiled awkwardly as if she were conscious of her modest attire.
The royal maids of the imperial family differed according to their rank: the pay was equivalent to what rank they got, the higher the rank, the more splendid their dress was.
Trisha was new, but she felt that she exceeded the higher rank maids because of her connection with Lucas.
“I have a dress that will look good on you.”
Trisha hit her hand, but Diana called Charlotte and said a few words. Soon, Charlotte came out with a very reluctant look.
The subtle green dress looked quite expensive to look at. It was enough to fit the imperial dress code, and at the same time, it would stand out. Trisha couldn’t take her eyes off the dress.
“Change into this and go.”
“It’s okay. I don’t think this color suits me. It’ll be pretty if you wear it.”
What Diana had in mind, that Lucas will be seduced by Trisha’s pretty look. The two were meant to be together anyway, so if the two will get attracted to each other in the first place, the other victims won’t have false hopes. It would be suitable for Diana’s plan to stay away from Lucas’ attention.
“Come on.”
“Really? Because I already received so much from you.”
When Diana handed her the dress, Trisha hid at the back of the closet and changed into it. For Diana, it wasn’t that grandiose, just a little encouragement to Trisha’s red-eyed lust.
“It’s really pretty, Trisha. It suits you well.”
“Oh, this is so beautiful!” Trisha exclaimed with her red eyes glowing.
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