Novel Name : I Should Have Read The Ending

I Should Have Read The Ending - Chapter 25

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Chapter 25 – The Hidden Desire
Edwin’s sincerity came out. He intended to have Diana if he could manage to marry into the imperial family. Without that determination, he couldn’t come here today.
“I…” Edwin was trying to say something.
“Yes. I wish I could.” Diana nodded her head.
Edwin put down the teacup silently.
It happened that both hands were on the table. It was simple to narrow the distance. Edwin stretched his arm slightly and held Diana’s hand.
Diana looked at Edwin with astonishment, but not enough to shake off her temperature. Above all, his big and warm hands covered the backs of her hands, and she felt a sense of calm that she could not feel from anyone.
“You’re an honest man. I like that.”
“Your Highness…is it because I am honest? Is that all?”
“Maybe or maybe not.” Diana was lost for words.
Edwin gave a strange answer and touched Diana’s finger with his fingertips. The small, tender hands were colder than expected; he felt sorry for them.
“I’ll find a way from now on. Either way.”
“I’ll think about it, too.”
At the end of the story, Edwin did not let go of Diana’s hands. Instead, he was more completely wrapped around on hers.
“Your Highness…”
Instead of answering Diana’s words with some embarrassment, his black eyes stared at her deeply. Then Diana somehow forgot what to say.
“If you want to refuse, you can always resist.”
This word meant a lot. Edwin and Lucas were crucially different parts. Lucas forced obedience, and Edwin wanted Diana’s heart.
“Remember, I will do it.”
“I will wait for that time.”
A smile was drawn on Edwin’s lips.
“Now that I’ve heard your story let me tell you my story.”
Diana nodded her head. The night was still deep, and she wanted to know more about him. Not as Diana’s first love in the book, but about a man named Edwin who came to Diana.
“I think I fell in love with you at first sight.”
No matter how aggressive Edwin was, Diana was genuinely surprised at this moment. The surprise was evident in the blue eyes. Even that look was lovely to Edwin.
“Your Highness, we’re still…”
“Yes, we met today. But I can’t define this feeling already.” Edwin’s flowery words strengthen his confidence.
“I intend to woo you.”
Only Diana’s eyelashes moved.
“I will go on until you come to me.”
“It could be harmful to you.”
“I’ll take care of it. Do I look like a pathetic person who can’t even take care of myself?”
Edwin pulled Diana’s hand slightly towards him. The long-held hands were warm. This contact didn’t feel strange anymore.
Edwin looked at Diana, who did not respond for a moment, pulled her hand and put it on his lips. Soon Edwin’s lips touched the back of Diana’s hand. When the soft touch of his lips touched the back of her hand, Diana’s eyes stirred with mixed emotions.
But she didn’t remove her hand at all. On the contrary, Diana’s cheeks were rosy. Edwin’s heart thumped, beating at regular intervals.
As he whispered out her name, his lips touched the back of her hand, and his breath felt clear. Edwin looked up and pulled Diana’s hand more. Then, he got up and stood right in front of Diana’s nose, as if he was frustrated with the gap that could not be narrowed easily.
Diana looked up at Edwin. Edwin, who laid his hand, wrapping her cheeks slightly. The hand was so big that half of Diana’s face was buried. It was a reassuring warmth somewhere.
“I will seek love only from you now.”
Edwin chose Diana as the lover of his heart, but Diana hesitated to answer.
Once Edwin read her thoughts, he rushed at Diana without thinking twice. Like a wild beast who captured a prey, he felt a tenacity not to be deterred until he saw the end.
“Am I scaring you?”
“No, I’m not afraid of you.”
Diana already knew what was really scary. Edwin approached Diana recklessly without giving her a break, but her gaze was always full of warmth and sincerity. Above all, he gave Diana the chance to turn down any time.
“Still?” Edwin leaned over while his good-looking features lay right in front of Diana’s nose. His warm breath was felt directly in her cheeks. Diana stopped breathing for a moment without even realizing it. Her heart was about to burst. But she didn’t close her eyes. She wanted to see the strong emotions in Edwin’s eyes.
“Yes…” There was a shy answer from the pink lips.
“Well, what about this?”
His lips were almost on the verge of reaching hers when Diana opened her mouth to answer. Instead of answering, Diana just closed her eyes, which caused Edwin’s mouth to be full of smiles.
Edwin didn’t hesitate, and he just locked lips with Diana the next moment. Soft and warm lips slowly mingled with each other, as if testing the waters. Edwin tried to kiss her deeper, trying to let her open her mouth further.
A cold knock on the door suddenly broke the magical spell enchanting the two.
Surprised, Diana pushed Edwin’s shoulder unconsciously.
“Are you still up, miss?”
It was Charlotte’s voice. Edwin somehow managed to be at ease, even though Diana gave an urgent look. Edwin looked regretfully at Diana’s lips and came close to her ears.
“Tomorrow night, I’ll come again…take a rest, then.”
Diana’s cheeks turned red, but the knock rang the second time.
“Miss? I’m coming in.”
“Wait a minute!” When Diana, who spat urgent words, looked back, Edwin was already nowhere in sight. Only curtains were flapping through the open window.
“Hey, what are you doing up? Oh my…you are keeping all the windows open.” Charlotte’s voice was heard from far away.
Edwin disappeared without a trace, and Diana’s heart still throbbed while thinking of the passionate moment she shared with Edwin.
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