Novel Name : I Should Have Read The Ending

I Should Have Read The Ending - Chapter 24

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Chapter 24 – The Secret Meeting
Diana was feeling ecstatic after returning to the mansion. She was eating her meal, but her thoughts were on her upcoming secret meeting with the duke.
Charlotte, her nanny, was worried about her. Diana sent them off early as an excuse for being tired. When already alone in the bedroom, she quietly opened the window. The night breeze, which was not cold yet, was blowing and has caused Diana’s hair to become disheveled.
“Oh, candle!” She remembered.
She already lit a candle in her room, but she was worried that Edwin could not find it. So, Diana deliberately moved the candles to the table right in front of the window and kept on looking at the clock, waiting for the time.
“He said at night… Exactly when?”
It was dark already.  Edwin said he would come at night, but did not tell when. And it made Diana wide awake, who was eagerly waiting for his arrival. Their meeting had to be secret and must not attract attention, so the need for seclusion was justified in a rational way.
“Does it have to be in a bedroom at night?” Diana mumbled to herself for no reason. We can meet secretly when no one else is looking.
But Edwin insisted on coming through the window to Diana’s bedroom in the middle of the night, and it could be interpreted in many ways. Somehow, it was quite exciting to cross someone’s bedroom under the cover of darkness
“No, we’ve barely met.” Diana reminded herself before she had a more strange idea. But when she met Edwin’s eyes for the first time, Diana felt something too.
Edwin’s time then seemed to stop. Only Diana’s image was imprinted on his mind, and the desire he felt for her was too deep to measure. Diana first experienced the so-called ‘love at first sight’ that is written in the books countless times. Such an intense fate was that instant.
The sound of a knock on the open window cut Diana’s thoughts and motioned her to tiptoe towards the window.
“Shhh.” The low voice alone revealed that it was Edwin. He went over the window with a gentle knock so that Diana wouldn’t be surprised at his sudden presence. Edwin saw Diana with a confused look after he closed the window.
“Really, you’re here.” She whispered.
“I always keep my word.”
She was persuaded by his promises. The look in his eyes gave Diana such confidence.
“Did you lock the bedroom door?”
“Yes…just in case. I told the maids I’d rest early, too.”
Edwin nodded. “Well done.”
It’s probably because of the mood that their eyes have been staring deeply at one another.
“This is a secret that nobody should know.”
They were speaking in a low-pitched voice, which tickled a corner of Diana’s heart. Despite the awkward feeling, Diana managed to offer a seat to Edwin. He gazed at Diana’s exquisite beauty as much as he wanted, until he finally decided to sit down comfortably. Diana, who is on the other side of the room, was discreetly doing the same thing. And when she looked closely, his broad physique was showcased better.
“Did you prepare that for me?”
“Yes.” She confirmed after looking at the tea on the table.
“Thank you for the drink.” Edwin’s long fingers lifted the teacup flexibly. Every bit of his actions was aristocratic. However, it was amazing that the teacup looked much smaller than Diana usually perceives.
“Well, let’s hear about the prayer of the soul?”
Some curiosity and unknown emotions stood together. Diana also slowly opened her lips after a sip of tea.
“I don’t want to be a princess.” She slowly uttered the words. Edwin doesn’t know anything, but she thinks it would be better for her to be honest than anything else.
“I talked with the Prince a few days ago, and his decision did not change.” Diana started.
“Did you talk with Sir Lucas?” Edwin asked, who seemed surprised.
“Yes.” As Diana nodded calmly, Edwin wondered why he was still alive after hearing that.
Considering Lucas’ sincerity, he probably liked Diana very much. And the thought drove Edwin crazy; he felt an unknown surge of emotion. It was a feeling he had never felt before. Displeasure has started to build up inside of him, though Lucas didn’t deserve it. But it didn’t matter to Edwin.
I can feel his determination… Diana sincerely thought.
It would not have been possible to say that to Edwin in a very ordinary way. It is simply an honor to be chosen for the Crown Princess, and Diana cannot dare to express her opinion.
“Why?” Edwin simply asked back. Diana slowly took her breath and opened her lips.
“Because I saw my unhappy future.” It was the most honest answer for Diana. Edwin took the answer differently, but it was true.
“Because they want you to submit to Lucas?”
“That’s the biggest reason.”
“Do you know much about His Majesty, Lucas?”
Diana gave a bitter smile instead of an answer. The smile touched an indescribable regret. The two years spent beside Lucas as empress left a permanent scar. Lucas, who didn’t even think that Diana had human feelings, and Lucas, who killed Diana’s soul with the happiest smile in the world when looking at Trisha.
“Looking at your face, you seem to know as well as I do.” Edwin readily agreed. He knew a man named Lucas very well. Whoever it is, Lucas’s welcome won’t make him happy because he was not a great man to make Diana happy. He lacked the human aspect of his birth. It is not something that can be taught or changed. Therefore, he agrees with the idea that Diana can’t be happy with Lucas.
“I want to live a peaceful life. That’s all I want.” Diana said calmly.
Edwin nodded slowly. It was a life that matched her serene blue eyes. Most of all, when he met Diana, he thought it was a waste to send her to Lucas’s side. This beautiful, calm, spirited woman was too much for Lucas.
“My mansion is a quiet place. Enough to have a peaceful life.”
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