Novel Name : I Should Have Read The Ending

I Should Have Read The Ending - Chapter 23

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Chapter 23 – The Underlying Reason
Still, despite everything, the Empress chose Diana politically. It was true that Duke Carl was a prominent and distinguished man, and Diana was a beautiful lass, but the greatest merit was the exquisite death of her parents. Of course, Sylvia, who was eager to take on the role of her parents, did not know about it.
“It is a good thing that you are the guardian of Diana.”
“Thank you for understanding.” Sylvia smiled softly.
“Oh, your majesty, I sent something for you, I hand it over to your driver for you,” Sylvia added.
“Again? I don’t feel comfortable receiving it.”
“No, that would make me so embarrassed.”
Grace was no longer intimated to do a handshake with Sylvia since this loving-looking lady is sharing the same bloodline with the soon-to-be-empress, Diana.
It wasn’t something that Grace wanted to do, but she remembered that the money from rich people like Sylvia was very helpful in building the great empires. Anyway, the more money they have, the better.
“There will be an imperial slope soon,”  Grace said.
“Yes, it’s Carl’s glory.” excitement was imprinted in Sylvia’s face.
Sylvia stayed up in Oman to establish herself before Diana’s arrival. However,  Diana lost her father when she was young.
“I’m worried if I can do it well after Diana gets into the palace.”
At last, the main issue came to the fore.
“If I have an aunt like you, I will not be short of having a guardian,” Grace commented.
“I was wondering if I could be the guardian of the Crown Princess, and I wanted to ask for your wisdom because there was no precedent like this.”
“How old is Diana?”
“Like Lucas.”
The empire had already recognized it as an adult. If Diana was not married to the imperial family, but to an ordinary aristocracy, she could have been a guardian of her own will.
What Sylvia wants to do is not to be a guardian, but to socialize with the imperial family and social circles.
“Yes, she’s an adult, but as her aunt, I would be at peace to see her regularly.” Sylvia insisted.
“You can come and visit her at the palace often. I’ll talk to Her Majesty soon.”
Sylvia’s lips curled up at Grace’s words. This was the purpose of today’s meeting.
“Thank you for your mercy, Your Majesty.”
“That much between us …….” Grace parting words to Sylvia.
Sylvia nodded with a smile. Of course, Diana didn’t know the secret trades of the ancestors and Sylvia. Soon after Sylvia departed, Grace remained low.
I’ve already been greedy. Grace told herself.
Sylvia was wicked, but not comparable to the empress. The reason why Diana was chosen in the first place was to prevent the gain of foreign powers, but what kind of strength would her aunt use? Sylvia’s desire shatters in vain. She used Diana, but she wasn’t aware of the unforeseen events.
Would she be happy to become a Princess?
The ancestors knew how poorly the life of a woman was at the center of power. The Van Tess family, in which she grew up, became frantic in power and married both daughters politically.
Initially, it was such a purpose for a prestigious ceremony. Grace was fortunate that she didn’t have a daughter.
And of all things, the other one should deliver to Lucas.
Grace’s words had thorns. Even if no marriage had begun, she could guess the misfortune. That is what Diana was in now.
It’s a pity.
A little more lonely sunset struck the air. The day was coming to an end.
Diana is still wrapping up her thoughts on the things that she’d like to say to Edwin first. The time given was limited, and she had to leave the chapel shortly. She could not express her will in just a few words.
“I don’t think I can tell my story here.” she started in her soft voice.
“Yes, you are right.”
Edwin nodded as a signed agreement. It was not a story to share, but he felt despondent to stand up from his seat like this. It was fate that they had just met. In his current perspective,  all Diana’s breath and gestures were new, like a breath of fresh air in the morning. There was not enough time to keep it in the eye.
“What floor is your bedroom?” he quickly asked.
“Huh?” Diana’s eyes wondered.
“It is on the second floor,” she answered with a curious glance.
“That’s easy. ”
Edwin said something mysterious. Then suddenly, he drew near Diana while putting an end to the space that’s keeping them apart.  His body smelled strong for a moment. Edwin’s lips felt almost touching Diana’s ear.
“Keep the window open, light the candle.”
A mellow voice whispered to Diana.
“Tonight, I’ll visit you.”
Edwin, who was moving far away while his black eyes were looking at Diana. He smiled as if to reassure Diana, whose eyes were still wide open.
Tonight, a secret meeting is coming up.
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