Novel Name : I Should Have Read The Ending

I Should Have Read The Ending - Chapter 22

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Chapter 22 – Is this Fate?
Their meeting was a coincidence. And for Edwin, it was not a chance to be missed, so he grabbed the moment. He was silent for a while as if he was collecting all the courage to speak. His eyes were glued to Diana, and it was hard to tell what his deep black eyes were thinking.
“I am….” Edwin didn’t know if he could express or hide his emotions at the moment, but even if he knew, he couldn’t think if he could do it in front of Diana.
“Somehow, I feel like it’s fate,” Diana said in a low voice.
His heart rang low and hot, but somehow, he felt relieved and saw a slim hope. “I am here to help you with what your heart desires.”
Edwin stared directly at Diana. He can reason out later. But now, the firm conviction imprinted on Edwin’s heart that could only be conveyed at the moment.
“Thank God for sending you.”
It was the same with Edwin. If he did not meet Diana, he could never feel this.  It must be this woman. If not her, no one else. Edwin, for the first time, realized his heartfelt desire for life.
“The same goes for me.” Edwin reached out and carefully held Diana’s hand. When his hot body temperature reached her bare skin, the vitality of his nerves was felt. The long fingers stretched out, and the joints can be seen that they belong to the hands of a rather huge man.
“My conviction cannot go wrong.” He quickly continued.
It was the nature and life of Edwin. He was quick to decide and never reversed it. His destiny was all that can be known in due time. Noble and no companion, even at the age of twenty.
“And I have the will to make that conviction come true.” Edwin was the only one in the empire who didn’t care about becoming the Crowned Prince. As the Grand Duke, he had a decent seat, unlike the puerile Lucas, who had never been in the parliament and was always locked in an inner palace.
Furthermore, Duke Chester, Edwin’s late father, raised and taught them to follow their own free will, which they practiced from generation to generation.
“If your prayers are fulfilled, can you come to me?”
It was a very straightforward request, but Diana wasn’t surprised at all, and it was evident by the way how her eyes looked and how warm her body temperature had already set.
“If my prayer comes true…” Diana clouded her words and pulled her hand out to Edwin. Edwin’s mouth gave a little melancholic smile in return.
“You can then go and decide. I am confident that you will come back to me.” The eagerness of Edwin’s eyes were deep and strong enough to make Diana slowly nod her head as a sign of surrender and agreement. The gesture had made Edwin smile deeper.
“I will find a way to make that prayer come true,” Edwin said with determination in his eyes.
Diana was on the verge of a breakthrough to get out of the situation. It was Edwin, whose young life was not yet over, and she shall prevent that death.
During that same day, something that Diana did not expect had happened.
Now, Diana knows only a part of the story. Because of her suffering, she hastened her death, and she only knew the contents until the end of Diana in the book.
“Duchess Sylvia, thank you again for accompanying me in this short walk.”
Sylvia bent her knees to show her grace and generosity.
Even if Diana waited for her death in time, she couldn’t figure out this part; it was an unseen and invisible flow.
“What did you take to make your cough better?”
Sylvia asked her in a warm voice, and Duchess Grace was nodding against the backdrop of the unique ancient interior decor in her house.
“I just got a gift that’s good for a cough,” replied the Duchess.
“Such a wonderful gift…” exclaimed Sylvia.
Chesters were the only Grand Duke of the empire. The Carls also hold a noble title but have no match for the Grand Duke. He was the great esteemed man in the imperial capital and, at the same time, the king of Chester’s estate. In other words, it was like having another kingdom. It was just so unfortunate to know that the Grand Duke had left the world early, leaving the guardians the duty to keep the seal and rights of Chesters until Edwin grew up.
“The Duchess of Carl is so delicate, right?” Duchess Grace asked.
It was not an easy task to guard the vast empire without the Grand Duke. The years were shining silently in the eyes of the fleet opponents. Her father had a son, Edwin, and he was the brother of the current empress. It was a power barely protected by a single-handed family and a father still holding the throne. Now that Edwin has grown up, everything could rest assured.
“Please don’t be discouraged. It is an endless honor just to be able to share tea with my majesty.” Sylvia said, who was trying to change the topic.
Sylvia was a pretty ambitious woman. Unlike her husband, who was indifferent to anything but academics, it was Sylvia who knew precisely what to do for the prosperity of the family.
“I know that this time, the honor of our family was, Diana, being chosen for her crown, all because of your invisible mercy.”
Sylvia’s behind-the-scenes efforts played a big part in Diana’s nomination.
“Diana deserved it, and I didn’t do anything. I heard that Diana is lovely, isn’t she?” Duchess Grace uttered in her curious tone.
“Yes, she’s not just my niece, but a delightful and beautiful child.”
Sylvia looked carefully as the Duchess gave her a quick nod.
“I can’t say that she’s going to be a good lover. It’s kind of embarrassing, but I can assure you that she’s going to be a great princess.”
“I’m glad that you’re here. I don’t know if the Prince and Her Majesty will notice me too.”
Sylvia smiled shyly, covering her mouth. It was not Grace who could not read the meaning of the words.
“Well … I don’t know.” Grace slowly opened her mouth. Sylvia’s whole tactile turned to Grace’s next words.
“The Empress thinks Diana would be enough.”
“Oh, that was such an honor!”
Sylvia’s face lit up at once, but Grace gave Sylvia a faint smile while looking in a curious glance.
“You have contributed much to the empire, so your wish has been granted.”
“I was worried about it. And I am ashamed of you.” Sylvia said in an honest manner.
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