Novel Name : I Should Have Read The Ending

I Should Have Read The Ending - Chapter 19

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Chapter 19 – The Agony
Diana was anxious about her future affairs, and it has gone worse as she was unaware of Trisha’s whereabouts.
It’s not going to be this way. Diana comforted herself.
Lucas didn’t care about Diana’s feelings, he treated her just like any ordinary ornament in the palace. But Trisha Blanc was an exception, and it was obvious because she would eventually receive special treatment from Lucas.
Remembering this, Diana gave out cold real-life laughter. It was unexpected.
Only Trisha, the poor baron’s daughter, could make Lucas laugh, and keep up with all that fussy temper.
Diana once sought to regain her share of attention that she once had lost to Trisha. But that was what only Trisha Blanc could do, she has always won the competition since she always gained Lucas’ attention. It was always Trisha, not Diana. And everyone thought that it was nothing and everything was okay for Diana, who only shows her firm and sensible side whenever she was outside of her domicile.
They really thought that I was okay? She thought bitterly.
She was not a plant-like woman. She was also a person whose heart could get wounded and would always long  for affection and attention. Her pride and gentle nature, unable to speak of her pain, have killed herself all the more.
Lucas laughed at Trisha’s shallow jokes. When he raised his voice and got angry like a fire, Trisha would whisper a few words and it would soften him already.
Sometimes, the two grown-up adults, Lucas and Trisha would stroll in the garden to play hide-and-seek. At moments like that, they both seemed to be like children. They naturally touched each other under the guise of friendship. That is why, it was not surprising that the relationship not long after, became a dirty affair.
My seat as an Empress didn’t mean anything...
Meanwhile, Diana was just an ornament for the crown of the Empress and that agonizing feeling of being just a frill has gotten worse when the imperial family began to ignore the shadowy empress.
The worst of them were Sylvia, the Duchess. Sylvia was relentless in her mouth, forcing Diana to find her Empress place in the palace. She wasn’t the only one digging up the wounds Diana was trying hard to conceal.
Everyone spoke with their eyes. Diana’s existence means nothing. The empress was just a tool to produce a successor. But now that she had a miscarriage before she even realized she was pregnant, their gazes toward Diana were obvious.
If only Trisha could become the Crown Princess.
It was impossible for Trisha to be in her position. However, she still felt as if she was cutting a corner of her chest with a knife when she would let a flashback of those painful memories visit her mind. Yet, she remained optimistic and has always wanted to put hopes on anything.
There were two people who love each other so much that they were just wondering why Diana had to be in between.
“Lisha is amazing. She can read my mind.”
When Lucas brought out  that at dinner, Trisha smiled more than anyone else.
He would then add saying, “Sometimes I feel like I have a twin. We always think of the same thing without saying it once. Isn’t that right, Lisha?” Lisha was his favorite name for Trisha.
At the official dinner, the side seat of the emperor, Lucas, belonged to Diana but it was the most painful sight  when Lucas smiled at Trisha, who always sat opposite him, with Diana at his side. At times like that, everyone would laugh more exaggeratedly to please the two and forget her existence.
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