Novel Name : I Should Have Read The Ending

I Should Have Read The Ending - Chapter 18

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Chapter 18 – The Atrocious Business
That very night, Lucas went to another room which looks identical to Trisha’s. He glanced at the maid making her report, particularly about chest measurements, and without any hesitation, headed to the servants’ quarters.
“Your Royal Highness, the Crown Prince is coming!” cried the chief of command in a low, deep manner.
The tensed young man in a guard’s uniform opened the door as the prince, Lucas, bursted in. The guard paid his respect in front of the prince and quietly closed the door behind his back.
“Woman, meet the Crown Prince,” the guard commanded.
“My name is…” Before the lady could finish talking, Lucas reached out and pulled the maid towards him–a maid whose name he would soon forget.
As the scorching heat of lust rose up in his body, the Crown Prince roughly pressed his hand in front of the maid’s dress, grasping her dry bosom and twisting its center forcefully without any sign of mercy and hesitation.
“Oh, Your Majesty…” the maid exclaimed in a trembling voice.
Lucas tore the dress apart, unmindful of the pain that he’s causing to the poor woman. Instead of giving an ounce of gentleness as a man, the sight of the lady in her nakedness made him feel stronger and it seemed that his instinct already knew what to do. He threw her on the bed and stripped off her delicate underwear, her cheeks burning hot and her eyes mixed with tension and fear.
“Your breasts are as big as written.” Lucas, who threw off his coat, got on top of the maid. As he took delight in squeezing the sensitive mounds in front of him, the maid on the other hand, bit her lower lip and endured the pain not long after the curious lips of Lucas soon bit her breast.
“Ugh, your Majesty.” But Lucas did not stop there. He dug his teeth on the maid’s ni*ple and scratched them. His actions were purely out of instinct and curiosity.
“Ugh!” It was also interesting to hear the moans leak out of the maid’s lips. He felt a strong heat in the lower abdomen from earlier, his manhood swollen in front of his pants, much stronger than when he was alone masturbating. Lucas got up with a funny thought.
“Open it.”
“Yes,” the maid shamefully obeyed.
“Keep your legs open and show the hole between your crotch.” Lucas wondered what it actually looked like, but didn’t want to go through the crotch of the maid.
“Hurry.” When Lucas commanded with a domineering voice, the maid who hesitated for a while closed her eyes with shame and opened her legs. Lucas swallowed a little elasticity on the naked folds of a first-time woman.
“Open wider. I want to see the hole clearly.” The maid opened her folds with trembling hands. As he saw in the book, he noticed the thick bushes and saw a lean flesh with a long vertical hole below.
“Hmm, it looks like this in the book. Open it widely. ”
Lucas’ hot gaze turned all the way to the opening of the maid. Lucas licked his tight lips with his tongue. His stuff urged the next move.
“Stay still.” he commanded.
“Yes…Majesty…” The voice of the maid trembled a little. Only virgins were allowed to be the prince’s night partner. He cannot take a woman who has dared to commit with another man. Trisha was one of the maids who had already understood her role, but her fear was inevitable.
“Is the hole wet?” Lucas asked when he remembered what he had heard. She was naked in her underwear, and his manhood  stuck upright to her lower belly.
“Not yet…..not wet….”
Lucas, however, approached the body of the maid without delay. It was unimportant to him, he was only curious. Lucas climbed back into the woman’s  body. “You must keep your legs wide open.”
“And don’t touch my body with your fingers.”
“Yes, Your Highness…” cried the helpless maid.
Lucas’ hard stuff pierced the unsoaked delicate part of the maid. No matter how wide it was, it was hard to find out exactly where the hole was for the first time. “Is it down there?”
Before the woman could open her mouth to speak, Lucas had found his place.
Without any warning, Lucas’ phallus penetrated the woman’s folds, and  pushed it inside with force. The folds were resistant, but only the sheer screams of the woman showed the pain of the process.
The maid wept at the same time, enduring the sensation of being torn apart. Nevertheless, Lucas pushed his stuff harder.
Only then did the road break, and the phallus squeezed in through the narrow gap. The sensation of hot mucous membrane pressing the phallus everywhere gave a thrilling sensation.
“Ughhh” There was a gratifying groan from Lucas’s lips. It wasn’t as bad as it could have been.
“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh….” Instinctively, the piston began. There was a groan of pleading for Lucas, who was about to turn his back.
“Stop making noises.” Since then, only Lucas’ sighs have sounded in the room. At one point the phallus seemed to swell further, and a thrilling sensation spread through his spine.
“Ha…” With the climax, Lucas heaved a deep sigh, then his stuff puffed out the semen. As Lucas pulled it out after completing the assessment, a pinkish liquid mixed with semen and red blood flowed through the crotch of the maid. Lucas merely looked at the sight and left the room, barely clad in underclothes. It was as if nothing had happened.
Only then could the maid sob.
Late at night, the Empress leaned back in a long chair when the chief maid approached her. A smile appeared on her red lips,
“Your highness, it is done,” the maid reported.
The Empress understood the meaning and smiled faintly.
“I gave her the medicine,”the maid continued.
The drug that prevented the pregnancy was almost like a poison that hurt the womb. Soon the maid will receive a huge amount of money and will be thrown out of the palace discreetly where she will continue her life outside and marry the man of her choice.
After the prince finishes his atrocious business with the women, the maid in charge had to follow his orders without complaints, and even though she knew about this cruelty she had to obey without question.
“How many are left?” the Empress asked.
“There are still six of them.” answered the maid.
“That’s enough.” The Empress nodded contentedly.
“Time flies. My son is ready.” The empress’ expression softened upon remembering her son.
It’s been a long time since the Emperor had become bedridden. The Empress had a powerful father, the real authority of the imperial family, to support her. And soon, his son Lucas will become the emperor. Everything was smooth sailing. That was the sole purpose of Empress Stella’s life.
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