Novel Name : I Should Have Read The Ending

I Should Have Read The Ending - Chapter 17

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Chapter 17 – The Conversation 
The Empress kept Lucas, who had often been ill since childhood, in the royal palace and overly protected him. Meanwhile, in his childhood Edwin had already been adventuring with knights and wandering through mountains and fields.
“You seem to be getting taller every passing day,” Lucas enviously said.
“I’ve reached the age where I should stop growing,” the Duke answered casually.
Perhaps because of this, the two were different from each other in terms of physique. Edwin showed off his strong muscles, his broad shoulders visible even when he was mixed with the crowd.
Lucas, on the other hand, was more known for his dainty smile–a fine, young man. In short, Edwin and Lucas were two different types. Nevertheless, Lucas desired Edwin’s appearance that he didn’t have.
“After my marriage, is it your turn?” the prince teased him.
“Well, I haven’t really thought about getting married yet.”
Edwin still enjoyed mingling with the knights and devoting his time to the martial arts. He hated banquets since he was young and he had never felt the scent of a woman.
Edwin, 20, was preoccupied with seeing the wider world and secure his position as the Grand Duke.
“But you’re still going to have fun, I heard women throw themselves at you regardless of their status, so tell me that story.”
“Don’t try to defend yourself, just do it.”
“Nothing to say.”
“Well, not a lot of what I heard.”
Edwin, of course, was tempted to say such a fateful day was still far away. Especially since he hasn’t seen the woman of his dreams yet. But, there were those who gave poor seduction and among them were aristocrats and nobility, who gave Edwin their subtle eyes. But to him, they all smelled the same that of a promiscuous woman.
“In the social world, scandals are bound to follow. I’m not particularly interested in women. ”
“Is there a guy like that? Unless you’re a monk.”
Pick, Lucas spitted out a laugh. Edwin was a bit unfair, but he didn’t even want to argue tiredly.
“I asked you to enter the palace today, because I have a question to ask.”
“Please ask.”
The moment I thought I had escaped from the difficult topic, Lucas opened his mouth again.
“When you hug a woman.”
Lucas’ emerald eyes shone with curiosity.
“Oh, of course I know all the theoretical ones.”
Ironically, it was the crown prince who had less chance of scandal than the grand duke. In particular, the current empress was so suspicious watching the imperial palace that there was  no woman who dared to approach Lucas. In other words, the actual battle was not yet done.
“How is it? In fact.” Lucas in his curious tone
“Ohh, I don’t know …….” Edwin answered innocently.
“I heard that the hole you have to put in is lower than expected.”
Whether Edwin’s answer was audible, Lucas said only what he had to say. Edwin gave a slight hint of discomfort at the outspoken remark, but Lucas didn’t seem to have any intention of turning the subject around.
“It seems like you get wet when you make a fair play, but you don’t have to do that.” Once you’ve put it in, your body will move instinctively, and you’ll have a faux pas. ”
” Oh, yes … I will. ” It was a rather insincere answer.
“I hear there’s a unique sense of pleasure that can’t be compared to anything else, is it true? ”
“It’s… because you’ll find out for yourself soon.
“What do you mean?”
Lucas nodded his head in a wild conclusion.
“I’m going to find out tonight anyway.”
“Yes? …… Ahh.”
Edwin was quick to sound as though he had understood. It was not only the imperial family that first showed the body of a woman before the marriage of their precious son. Even in wealthy aristocrats, they took their virgin commoner girls to teach men  how to deal with love affairs.
“You must have a lot of experience, so I’d like some advice.”
Edwin smiled a troubled smile. In fact, it tasted a bit bitter in his mouth.He was far from pleasure. Edwin once thought he wanted to hug a woman someday, but the girl he bought with money wasn’t the girl for her.
“Just follow your instincts.”
“Indeed. It’s a battle ”
” Whatever it is. ”
With a proper response, Edwin quickly wanted to get out with this topic. He didn’t have the power to change this shady and secret practice, but he can’t stop thinking.
I’m looking forward to it in many ways.
Lucas rolled up his mouth waiting for the night. He would have left the innocent bride waiting for him and first learned the love affair between men and women.
Trisha kept looking around the room. The Duke of Carl’s mansion was brilliant, but she couldn’t compare it to the imperial family. The beautiful decorations Trisha saw for the first time in her life made the girl’s heart flutter.
Perhaps because she was nervous, Trisha felt uncomfortable sitting on a luxurious sofa. Besides, the clothes Trisha was wearing now were not hers, and made it more awkward.
If Diana had seen it, would she have said it was pretty? She mumbled to herself
As a child, she often played with Diana and her wardrobe was wide open, pulling out her dresses. But there were times when she got lucky and brought home a dress.
Trisha was happy about that, but the happiest moment was when Diana looked at her and said she was pretty. In the fantasy, the two were like sisters, and everything seemed to be the closest friend.
“I think it suits you better than me.”
Trisha smiled, recalling Diana’s warm words. Indeed, the dress worn by the Duke of Carl was different from her humble dress. Charlotte, who tried to fit the dress, but the owner, Diana, offered the dress as a  gift to Trisha.
“You’re so pretty, Trisha.”
The words illuminated herself in the mirror. The dress looks good on Trisha, as if lying because she was always busy hiding the ends of her worn clothes.
Since then, it was a little unfortunate that she could not show her anything. If she knows I am here, Diana may recall her old playmate and want to see me again.
But what am I supposed to do here?
The order of the maid was simple and elusive. When the midnight bell rings, she sleeps on her own, and the next day the maid asks them to gather in the room. There was nothing else that could have happened.
How can all the royal maids enjoy this luxury?
Sitting in the middle of a colorful room, she seemed to have become a woman of value. Trisha was already excited as if she had been enchanted. But nothing happened today. A midnight bell was heard in the distance.
Really, is this all?
Trisha had a moment of doubt and soon felt the fatigue that came. Today, as usual, she was not physically tired, but mentally tired. Her face was still hot when she recalled the particularly shameful test. It seems that it takes a lot of verification to work as an Imperial household.
Well, I’m just going to sleep today.
The night of Trisha, who knows nothing yet, is over.
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