Novel Name : I Should Have Read The Ending

I Should Have Read The Ending - Chapter 15

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Chapter 15 – Unexpected Test
“Hmm…That’s a unique idea.” The Duchess slowly nodded in realization.
“Yes, Diana is always kind to me. And now, I want to show my gratitude to her as her friend. ”
“There is one thing to make sure.”
“Yes, your duchess?”
Sylvia smiled obliquely. “You are by her side as a friend, remember that it’s me who hired you. In other words, your employer is me from the beginning.”
“I am at my madame’s mercy… I am aware.”
“I hope that you will not forget your heart as a maid. I’m giving you money directly. ”
“Of course.” Trisha bowed.
“The recommendation letter will be given, then take it. As a maid, report to me periodically. About everything you’ll find out. Then I will pay for your salary.”
Hearing the Duchess’ decision put Trisha on a cloud. “Thank you for your mercy!” Trisha left the room with a thumping chest.
The maid screening was surprisingly simple. As Sylvia said, the recommendation of the Duchess  was strong. Trisha wanted to talk to Diana before she got enlisted but found no time.
I will just surprise her later. 
At a glance, Trisha decided to have a positive mind. As always, the drunken father was willing to allow her to make money, and Nicolo was expectedly putting up a tantrum, but she was somewhat relieved at their mother’s intervention.
“Trisha, you have to be careful about everything,” her mother reminded.
“I know.”
Unable to hold her itchy throat, Trisha’s mother, Sara, coughed and continued to speak. “The book… Are you still memorizing it?”
“Of course.”
Sarah taught young Trisha to study a book and her copy it every night. It was a great deed to do the housework during the day while taking care of her younger brother and studying at night. If Baron Blanc gets drunk and dissatisfied, Sarah gets struck by a cane if she doesn’t memorize the book’s content very well.
“Are you sure? No single letter should be wrong.”
“I know.”
It was Sarah who was responsible for their livelihood instead of Baron Blanc. She was a mere commoner, but she was able to sell herb medicines that helped their household expenses.
And Trisha’s knowledge was mainly about medicine because of her..
But I’ll have a life now. I won’t be needing that anymore. Trisha thought to herself.
“Remember the passages of the last book, especially every day.”
“I will.”
It was a boring sermon. Sarah was especially strict when she had to memorize the book. Even the basic herbology book was full of things Trisha could not understand. It was difficult to memorize what it meant. Of course, she had been trying to remember it since she was 10 years old and it was naturally embedded in her mind despite her confusion.
“I remember everything. You made me write the book time and time again. ”
“Yes, that’s the most important thing…” Sarah’s tired voice began to dry up.
“I can’t come home on holidays even if I want, but I will be paid a lot. Working as an imperial maid could make my life better.”
Sarah reluctantly nodded. Trisha had a gloomy expression, but her heart had already left the house full of unpleasant memories. It was a due farewell to this house now eating its own life like mold. She will live a new life–becoming the princess’s maid is just the beginning.
The day Trisha entered the palace, they were already busy preparing for the wedding. Contrary to her expectation of being thrust in the business, she was placed elsewhere with the maids doing mundane activities. A maid was teaching her duties in the palace and many other necessary things. For the first time, she forgot Diana’s existence as she learned a tough and difficult practice.
“Our Highness has entered today!”
“Inside the prince’s chamber? Oh, I should have been on duty today.”
As the older maids passed by, she was very excited. She would soon become one of them and see such people of status.
The senior maid gave Trisha a cold shoulder. For her, who had a mission to fulfill, the situation felt suffocating. For now, they might treat her such because she’s new, but when the future empress comes in, she’ll become her exclusive maid. By that time, no other maid will dare to treat her unimportant because she’s not just a mere maid, but the future empress’ friend.
“Then take off your clothes.” The senior maids ordered.
Trisha’s broad imagination paused for a while. At the end corner, the door closed and the curtain was lowered. The physical examination was part of the entry.
“I will not repeat. Come on, take off everything that covers you.”
Three people, including Trisha, were surprised. But the rest of the new maids took off clothes as if it were natural. Trisha eyes widened as she looked around.
“All in underwear!”
She noticed that a few really stood up straight. A senior maid approached each of the naked girls, touching their bodies in the test before recording something.
“There, red hair. What are you doing? ”
“Ah yes.”
Trisha, struck by the bizarre but pressuring atmosphere, promptly undressed. The same was true for the rest of the new maids. Soon, five or six naked girls lined up in front in a row. Such was a strange sight for her.
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