Novel Name : I Should Have Read The Ending

I Should Have Read The Ending - Chapter 13

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Chapter 13 – Faded Friendship
“Furthermore, the two of us won’t be lonely. Especially because the crown prince is there…” she trailed off, and continued with shameless curiosity, “What’s the prince like? Have you met him more than once?”
The seventeen-year old’s face beamed in desire as she spoke. It was an undeniable expression beneath the grievousness on her face.
“Why are you curious?” Diana answered with a question.
Trisha’s eyes widened in shock at Diana’s unexpected remark. “U-uhm? Isn’t it natural because he’s your fiance…? I also don’t know, so I’m quite inquisitive about it myself.”
“Then, don’t you understand you must not wonder?”
Diana further clarified, crushing all her hopes. “You won’t see him anyway.”
“Oh, that’s right.” Trisha fumbled with her fingers in embarrassment.
“Don’t you think he’s wonderful?” She expressed her adoration naively, such as most teenage girls would have. Her opponent was still Trisha, but this time, she was an immature, young girl. In Diana’s experienced eyes, she could read her agitation ang longingness clearly.
“All the people tell that the dreamiest men in the empire are only the crown prince and the grand duke,” Trisha continued rambling.
To girls, Lucas was handsome with his peculiar, sharp features and pessimistic aura. Moreover, his pride of his noble status also contributed to the untouchable atmosphere. He clicked with women who yearn for such status in their lives.
“The grand duke?” Diana asked in spite of herself. Her interests had always revolved around the same characters she had heard a lot, but such a person had strangely not entered her ears.
Trisha responded enthusiastically, seeing Diana’s interest. “Yes, Edwin is a cousin of the crown prince. Perhaps the two look alike?”
It’s impossible for the two to look alike. She thought dismissively, thinking such a person was a minor character for her to be unaware of his presence. Diana ultimately wiped all thoughts of the mysterious duke off her head.
“But I’m more curious about the crown prince,” Trisha continued with more fervor.
At Trisha’s blatant curiosity displayed that was bordering on dangerous, Diana couldn’t help but feel curt. “You have a lot of questions.”
“Yes, I’m always curious. Did you forget that?” Trisha’s eyes filled with sorrow. They met at the age of seven, and now it was as if Diana had forgotten her in a span of a day.
She confessed, “These days, Diana, I think you’ve gone a little distant. I appreciate that a person like me can get along with you, but… I used to think we were closer before.” There was dissent in her murmur, and her smile faded at the end.
“It’s still a bit hard to see my friend suddenly moving away,” she continued.
“You are?” Diana played along. She had to in intention to take Trisha along and let her be the leech to eat her life little by little. “You’re coming of age next year and I’m getting married soon.”
“That’s… that’s right. But if I were to be your maid, we can still be–”
“It’s not for me to decide.” Diana promptly cut her words sharply. “I believe we are in the process of becoming adults.”
“You’re right.” Trisha swallowed her objection and miserably agreed.
Wanting to put a period once and for all, Diana said a second time, “Yes. We are turning into adults now.”
Diana and Trisha had been different from birth all the way to their current paths. Unless she repeats the same mistake as the original Diana, then this could be their crossroad. Such a thing was natural–both of them had progressed into adulthood. And they can live in distance, unable to affect each other’s lives.
“Hey, Diana” Trisha said as if she had mustered her last courage. “My… my heart is still the same. You can hold on to that.”
They were each other’s first companion, girls of the same age who crossed the social ladder together and grew up sharing fond memories. For Trisha, it had been a stunningly beautiful life, to be able to live in Diana’s colorful landscape.
“I’ll run for you the moment you call for me.”
“All right.” Diana looked at Trisha’s mournful eyes and towards the sunset fading into the back of the window. It was a good excuse to send Trisha back.
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