Novel Name : I Should Have Read The Ending

I Should Have Read The Ending - Chapter 12

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Chapter 12 – Dangerous Wiles
Ever since Sylvia began the preparations for the grand wedding, it became a gossip among the public that Diana would become the country’s next empress. Also according to royal tradition, the bride does not need to prepare the dowry nor the dress. Soon after, the imperial family confirmed this fact to the public–there was no mistake, she was their choice.
It was Diana Carl who was chosen to be the future empress.
Knock, knock. The sound barely reached Diana’s mind as she was still engrossed in her  thoughts. Without a reply, Trisha carefully opened the door and came in while awkwardly holding a silver tray that had the insignia of Sylvia’s crest. Diana found Sylvia’s consideration for her to spend time with Trisha before her entry to the royal palace a very troubling case.
“Diana, I brought you some food,” Trisha remarked timidly.
She had become more cautious when she recently realized that her relationship with Diana was not at all the same. When in the past she could freely shake her head and be by her side and joke all day long, it was as if there was an invisible line that separated them now. It was almost as if Diana had all together become a stranger.
“They finally announced it today in the imperial court. How do you feel?” she continued, seeing that the other party was stoic to her presence.
“I still can’t believe it.” At Diana’s toneless answer, Trisha struggled to keep her smile.
“It’s true. Of course you can! It’s a great thing!” Trisha’s lively voice did not waver. “Oh, and of course, Diana, you are a promising noble lady. You deserve it!”
In her exaggerated moment to rouse an emotion from Diana, she accidentally hit the teapot. The wind blew in and hot tea spilled, soaking the tray.
“Oh! My apologies, I was too excited.”
Usually, as a noble, one would call for a maid, but Trisha cleaned the spilled liquid herself. She did it as if it was a trivial thing for a nobleman to do such work; she didn’t even show her dislike for it. Rather, she looked as if she was used to this kind of work.  Even the poorest baron was a nobleman, but she still could not overcome poverty.
“Diana.” Trisha poured tea into a cup. The scent doesn’t make her feel any better.
“There’s nothing that needs to be done, so what are you doing here?” Diana asked back in callousness.
Her answer didn’t seem to faze her, for Trisha’s smile remained the same. This was also a familiar sight.
“It’ll be difficult to see you again when you enter the palace,” Trisha replied as a matter of fact.
“Should you?” Diana’s laugh was cold. Like a leech, Trisha clung desperately to Diana’s side. The details were vague, but when she became empress, Trisha had already been with her and the royal family.
“Oh, of course! I can enter the palace if you’ll invite me.” There was an undeniable anticipation at the end of Trisha’s words and in the original plot, Diana had been eager to hear such a thing.
“Actually, I heard this in passing.” She started “The maids who serve the royal family all come from a noble family. Don’t you think I would fit the position as a baron’s child?”
After learning the wedding would take place, Trisha tossed and turned all night. If Diana were to enter the palace, she would not be able to walk with her, even with the Duchess’ prompt. However, it also posed a bigger opportunity. She could be with Diana under a different circumstance, that being part of the imperial household.
“Diana, we have been childhood friends ever since. It  would be my honor to be your maid for life.” She declared passionately, wanting Diana to be moved by her keenness.
Diana merely stared at her dreamy face. “Really?” she asked dryly.
“Yes, of course. To be able to take care of you is an immense joy. And we’ve been friends for so long. Wouldn’t it be better for you to be with me, than with a stranger?”
Silence ensued before Diana released a short snort. Trisha thought this was Diana’s consent.
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