Novel Name : I Should Have Read The Ending

I Should Have Read The Ending - Chapter 11

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Chapter 11 –  A Reason for Change
Diana’s mild cold was quickly healed and the doctor diagnosed that she needed no further medical care. So, she sent Trisha back home. She felt sorry for her but there was relief in the solitude that came. The thought of being with Trisha felt like punishment for Diana.
And no matter how much I regret things… to have read this book was an irreversible event.
Showing rudeness to Lucas was such a disrespect that he could exile her to any convent in the country with disgrace. But even though it was an extreme punishment, it was better than to live with Lucas a second time.
I have to face this situation calmly and organize my thoughts to see future developments, Diana thought deeply.
The book was high fantasy with romance. She had been eager to read it because drama was also part of its genre, and the introduction wasn’t all wrong: it was certainly a book with a fantasy background. She thought perhaps romance would occur in the next part of the book.
And the book has reincarnation themes.
It was the most important keyword. And she had experienced it firsthand. Initially, Diana was shunned by Lucas and was later caught up in Trisha’s conspiracy that led to her death. The only thing that deviated from the original plot was that she took her own life, thus hastening her death.
She had expected she would leave the book upon her demise. However, even though Diana’s death was ahead of schedule, the plot still did not change. As it could be seen now, where she reincarnated to the seventeen-year-old Diana in the book.
Diana was lost in her thoughts. She had to live as Diana a second time even though she was already tired of how the plot progressed. But even if she was unaware of the original ending, she held to a strand of hope that this reincarnation would have some distinctive developments.
Maybe I’m bound to return to correct the past.
But of course, it was all an ambiguous guess. After all, the original Diana never made a wrong choice, she had no choice at all. Driven by the interests of others, she became the future empress and the rest was taken over by Trisha.
What on earth did I return to? There must be something here to change the future.
Maybe there was a reason for my reincarnation… But for now, I didn’t know what could be changed.
Being a princess was something detrimental to the plot that Diana could not alter. But she decided, she isn’t going to live in misery this time.
She remembered the original Diana’s life as the empress. How her rosy cheeks turned pale like plaster–the tragic life of a beautiful woman who became emotionless like a doll filled with bitterness and regret.
I’d rather die than live like that again!
Her decision has not changed. She was as miserable as the original Diana. She had to wear the crown of the empress on her head to become a puppet for the imperial family. And it was silly how her existence merely existed for that. It was a terrible life, even for a character in a book.
There had been a growing pain inside that she couldn’t endure, sweeping across her heart like a desert wind. And when she had her last straw, she took her life. Even though she was not the original Diana, she couldn’t stand how things were.
She was a poor woman. Diana’s suffering was incomparable. There was no justice for her. There was nothing she could do as she watched her only friend have a world of fun with her husband.
She was not going to let things proceed as they were. She was determined after seeing the end of Diana’s life, a development she had put upon herself. Having experienced death first hand made her fearless, and with this mindset, she would make different decisions.
She won’t let the world look upon her as mere vegetation–it was imprinted in everyone’s mind that Diana was Lucas’ flower. A static being that can live with only air and sunlight. But Diana’s heart was desolate. She could not live like that. It was a life not so different from death.
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