Novel Name : I Should Have Read The Ending

I Should Have Read The Ending - Chapter 10

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Chapter 10 – The Sick Diana
Trisha’s smile still looked so innocent even at seventeen. Diana’s mind ached at such a  scene. She stared silently at Trisha and slowly observed her.
Blanc was a humble family. Although they held a title, their status is still far less than a decent plebeian. One close look at Trisha, she could already see coarse cloth from which her attire was spun from, as if it had worn out from being used everyday.
“I’m confident in taking care of others, thanks to my mother. I raised Nicolo myself.” Trisha humbly shared and smiled at Diana. Her hands, wringing the towel, seemed to belong to the maids working for the Duchess rather than to the hands of the noble family.
When Diana was the empress, Trisha had lost her parents. Nicolo was pampered in the hands of noble maids and Lucas was willing to accept Trisha’s younger brother despite the law.
“Diana, gather enough strength to recover. I’ll take care of the rest.” Trisha added.
Aside from her red hair and similar colored eyes, she was just an ordinary girl. It was hard to imagine that one day, she would have such an honor in the imperial court. A bright, firm, red-haired girl who never loses her smile in difficult circumstances. Not long after, the girl wore a magnificent ruby ​​around her neck and had more power than the Empress.
“And, oh, thank you,” said the energetic Trisha, slightly looking down and whispering.
“What?” Diana responded with a puzzled look. Whether Tricia was shy or ashamed, she was suspicious because she looked unbecoming to her.
“You don’t have to pretend you don’t know. Did you ask the duchess to bring me?”
No, it can’t be. Diana, who could not grasp the situation, blinked.
“Thanks to the Duchess, my late mother was given a reward. Thank you for giving consideration to our situation.” Trisha continued talking. The misunderstanding was too deep. What’s more surprising is that Trisha’s eyes have a real sense of gratitude.
“There’s no need for thanks.” Diana cut it cold. She didn’t want Trisha feeling indebted to her.
“No, I know everything, Diana. You will soon become the empress, yet you still consider me a friend. A person whom everyone else ignores. I truly appreciate it.”
Trisha called herself a person shunned from society, but that was not the Trisha that Diana knew. She didn’t understand what was happening–was Trisha bound to become as timid as her?
“Diana, are you alright? Should I call a doctor if it hurts that much?”
A memory of Trisha flashed through Diana’s mind. It was hard to believe that Trisha was originally this girl. In her past life, Tricia was full of life, running around the imperial palace without a care, always looking at the bright side of things.
Trisha seemed to suddenly spring in between Lucas and Diana at any given time. Even during dinners, they would share touches filled with mischief under the table. If it was something they do secretly or if it was asking for Diana’s attention, is yet to be uncovered. Most of all, when Trisha was doing things, such as whisper in Lucas’ ears when they are sitting beside each other, she looked as if she were showing off how she had more power than the Empress.
“No.” Diana said curtly.
“Oh, okay. Can I go see the national wedding, too? I’m your friend, so if you could, please send me an invitation. I think it’ll be a lifetime honor.”
Friend, friend, friend. Trisha’s popping voice jarred Diana’s nerves every time she uttered the word. It’s like a magic spell where she can be excused for everything she does.
Because she’s a friend, she was with Diana on her honeymoon. As a friend, she also formed a friendship with Diana’s husband. And as a friend, she also took Diana’s place with her husband and laughed openly at her demise.
“Then I will just have to watch from afar. I wanted to see you become the empress. It’s like a dream come true.” Trisha insisted.
There was nothing to give to Trisha now. Diana snapped herself back to reality and slowly opened her lips. “Trisha.”
“Do you need anything?”
“Please be quiet.” Diana said firmly. I’ve always wanted to say this.
Watching the abominable sight of her smiling delightfully and putting her hands on Lucas’ shoulders, she wanted to say, “Can’t you shut up for a moment?”
“Oh, I’m sorry. You are sick and I was making too much noise.” The naive Trisha Blanc answered gloomily. She has never felt this dejected.
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