Novel Name : I Should Have Read The Ending

I Should Have Read The Ending - Chapter 9

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Chapter 9 – The Confirmation
A little later, Charlotte came up to Diana. “Lady, I think the Duchess is here.”
Diana nodded indifferently. As the door opened, Sylvia, the Duchess, appeared in her colorful attire. Diana, sitting on the bed, didn’t care to move to greet her.
“Diana, I heard you caught a cold, you poor thing…” Sylvia sat beside Diana, making a fuss. She looks at her with a faltering glance. “You must be very nervous in meeting the Crowned Prince to be lying down in room with a fever.”
Oh, she really has no idea.
Diana coughed deliberately– giving a hint that she’s not in the mood for conversation. The Duchess, however, seemed to have no intention of leaving.
“And… ohh, this hasn’t been announced to the public yet.” Sylvia excitedly shared, making Diana feel a little uncomfortable about it. “The future empress has finally been confirmed!” Sylvia took Diana’s hand.
Diana looked at her with a puzzled look.
“Yes! Diana you will become the empire’s future mother!” Sylvia clarified a second time.
“Are you serious?” Diana replied in disbelief. But her absurd reaction did not reach Sylvia’s excited ears.
“You weren’t the only candidate. But the current empress still chose you, even the crown prince expressed his approval. So there’s no reason to wait any longer!” Sylvia exclaimed.
Diana let out a heavy sigh.
When Sylvia saw this, she asked  concernedly, “Why are you that surprised? You deserve it. Now, you are a very precious person; you must get well soon.”
What happened? 
Diana recalled her brief encounter with Lucas. It was hard to believe that Lucas had chosen her. She, who had not even expressed the basic respect for the imperial family.
“Diana, we are really proud of you.” Sylvia’s seemed to echo from far away.
Diana only felt something was wrong. The order should have been to send Diana to be exiled or to be forced into a convent. But Lucas chose her. He was a lot more crazy than Diana thought. But alas, he only grew up in the royal family, it must be why he didn’t seem to know what a normal human relationship was.
Now, we’ll have to prepare for another grand wedding… Was Lucas a masochist who enjoyed being spoken against?
Such information was not in the book. However, no one dared to question Lucas’ authority, so there was no precedent. Perhaps to Lucas, Diana’s attitude was not important. He might have thought that despite Diana’s unruly attitude in the beginning, she might obey him later on.
“So, Diana–” Sylvia began.
Diana coughed on purpose, needing to get Sylvia out of here and gave a blatant look of pain.
Sylvia immediately looked at Diana anxiously. “Oh, I was so surprised by the news and came to visit that I forgot you were sick. Oh, yes, get well soon.”
Only then did Sylvia rise from her seat. What Sylvia wanted to do was to make extravagant arrangements for the national wedding, not to become nanny to a sick Diana.
“You will get well soon,” Sylvia turned to face the maid who was standing silently in the room,”You can let her friend come in.” Diana frowned slightly at what she said.
“You’re free to stay in bed for a few days and I brought your friend as a gift.” Sylvia added.
Don’t tell me…
She didn’t want to think so, but this kind of foreboding is always right. When the door opened, there appeared a plainly-dressed girl. Without looking directly at her, Diana had already noticed that it was Trisha.
“You two are close. I asked Baron Blanc myself. She will keep you company and nurse you until you feel better.” Sylvia said.
Diana closed her eyes immediately.
“Honey, come here.” The duchess called the girl waiting near the door.
“Yes, Duchess.” This voice definitely belongs to Trisha. Sylvia must have brought someone she didn’t want to see the most.
“Take good care of Diana. She will soon become the empress. Can you do that as her friend?” Sylvia asked.
“Yes, Duchess. Don’t worry about anything.” Trisha’s signature lively voice rang in her ears. The fact that nothing has changed bothered Diana greatly.
“Alright then. I’m going to go now. Get some rest, Diana. Right now, your health comes first. You’re not alone anymore.” Sylvia just had to remind her.
When she tried to get rid of Sylvia, Trisha came instead. Diana could not open her eyes at the absurd situation unfolding before her. As the Duchess left,  the bedroom was filled with silence again.
Diana wished she could have fainted and disappeared from all of this. She couldn’t fathom how she couldn’t escape upon her death.
“Diana, are you in a lot of pain? By the way, congratulations on becoming the future empress.” Trisha said enthusiastically.
But Diana had to listen to Trisha with a clear mind. As she slowly opened her eyes, Trisha’s red iris has already been directed at her.
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