Novel Name : I Should Have Read The Ending

I Should Have Read The Ending - Chapter 8

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Chapter 8 – First Decision
Diana looked at Lucas and exercised her remaining patience. Lucas would meet Trisha and would share deep emotion of friendship he couldn’t resist falling into. By then, Lucas would not even look at Diana no matter how much she would beg, so this attention was only temporary.
“I have a hunch we’re going to be a pretty good couple,” he continued rambling.
“I’m sure you’ll find a good friend who’ll suit you better.” For the first time, a smile spread around Diana’s mouth. It was a faint, cold sneer.
Lucas was attracted by her beauty that bloomed like a flower in a deep, hidden forest. He wished to pick it up and take it somewhere. He couldn’t help but utter, “And now that I know you, I can tell for sure.”
I don’t want to be a scapegoat between the two of you. I refuse to act as your bridesmaid!
“I can’t be your wife.” Lucas squinted his eyes, but Diana didn’t stop talking. “I’ve never wanted to be, and I can’t.”
“I should warn you about the consequences of your attitude.” Lucas’ deep voice reverberated with displeasure .
A rush of adrenaline coursed through her body and she boldly replied, “You can exact punishment on me.”
“Have me exiled, or put to death.” She tested the words on her lips, her blue eyes showing no hesitation. “I would rather die than be empress.”
“Are you insane?” It was beyond provocation, the words she was uttering were unbelievable. Lucas couldn’t fathom the depth of the mind of this beautiful woman in front of him.
“I’m completely sane, and that’s my will. Of course it won’t change.”  Diana, who spoke firmly, spat out the words with a short breath.
“Well then, I’ll return back to the mansion and wait for my punishment.” Diana did not bend her decision to the end. “I hope this is the last time I’ll see you.” She turned around.
Lucas frowned at Diana’s behavior that transcended common sense. He could not comprehend Diana’s actuations.
“Are you crazy?” His words fell deaf to her ears. Diana managed to exhale a gentle breath. Everything she just said felt freeing. To her, it did not matter if the crown prince would drop dead from her unyielding behavior.
“Well, let’s not see each other again this time.” She took a light step away after saying the words with the tone of decisiveness. It was the first act she did in her life as Diana. This seventeen-year-old Diana was no longer naive to believe in love.
I won’t stand it anymore. Even if I have to suffer death a second time. There was nothing else to be afraid of now.
After meeting with the prince, Diana went back home. Charlotte, who came out to meet her, wondered how Diana felt. But the latter chose to keep her silence.
“Are you tired, Miss?” Charlotte, who has taken care of Diana since she was born, asked anxiously. Diana just nodded and headed to her room.
“You were very nervous when you first went to the imperial palace.”
It wasn’t like that, but she didn’t want to explain further. Diana was attended by Charlotte, helping her change her clothes with a carefree expression. “You should be happy.”
Charlotte cleaned up Diana’s face. She has played the role of a  maid and nanny to her since she was young. Diana, who was not able to walk before, had grown up beautifully now, was named the future empress. She was once weak and had brought worry to everyone around her. At present, she was blessed to recover her health before marriage.
“Should I?” Diana questioned.
“Of course.” At the reflection of the indifferent Diana, Charlotte nodded, feeling sentimental.
Diana, seeing her nostalgic look, recalled the events in her life. The original Diana’s ascension to the throne was due to her family’s honor. But the fact that her parents had passed away early also contributed greatly. Being the child of a family with nobility she was given the great honor to be nominated as empress .
“I want to be alone,” she blurted.
“Alone?” Charlotte echoed.
Diana nodded her head. Charlotte felt particularly strange about Diana’s behavior, but she gave Diana some time to herself, thinking it was probably a very difficult day.
As tomorrow’s punishment is unbeknownst to Diana, she realized she’d have to have a restful evening for now– relishing all the time left for her to relax.
My parents would be happy about that.
Diana, looking into the mirror, murmured to herself. If only her parents were still with her, she wouldn’t have entered the royal family. Things could have been different. What the imperial family wanted was simply a decent ornament to fill the empress’ place.
Of course, she did not have the power to assert her opinion or desire.
Coward human beings. Diana shook her head at the thought of the sickening imperial palace.
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