Novel Name : I Should Have Read The Ending

I Should Have Read The Ending - Chapter 6

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Chapter 6 – Meeting with the Prince
Diana, sitting in a carriage, was lost in thought, a blank look on her face.
Diana had been nominated as the future empress. It had been delayed to this age because she was a bit frail when she was young. But Lucas wanted nothing more than to be with Trisha. But the contract  specified conditions that should be followed. And Diana had no power to reverse it.She would soon meet Prince Lucas for the first time.
Well, he won’t choose me if he doesn’t like me.
She, who had already seen the closing curtain, quickly adjusted to the situation. She had to be flexible in order to deal with anything that comes her way. It was perhaps a fortunate scenario that this book was about reincarnation. At least from now on, she had the opportunity to decide.
“Lady, we’re here.”
The servant politely opened the door to the carriage and held out her gloved hand to Diana. Diana took the hand, with more grace than any lady, and then lowered herself out.
She did it all for her respect to her father, Duke Carl. While everyone marveled at her grace and elegance, nobody knew, however, that it was a gesture borne from a tired empress.
“If you’ll wait here. The crown prince should be here any moment soon.”
Diana’s silence led the servant to retreat. The tea table she was currently seated in the garden was lovely and had the extravagant taste of the royal family.
It’s been a long time.
Bitterness sprouted within her instantly. This garden was the original Diana’s favorite place. Of course, such was a thing before Lucas made his relationship with Trisha on these very grounds.
When she recalled the sight of the two frolicking around this garden, Diana wanted to drink hard liquor, not bland tea.
I never want to see such a thing again.
She really wanted to get out of this plot already. She didn’t want to be in any tragedy knowing their disguised friendship.
“His royal highness, the crown prince has arrived!”
She heard the unwelcoming prompt from the servant. According to the law, Diana had to get up from her seat and bow to royalty, but she didn’t intend to. After all, she didn’t want to look good in the first place in Lucas’ eyes.
“My Lady, please bow to the prince.” A guard spoke softly but clearly, however, Diana pretended not to hear.
Meanwhile, Lucas was already approaching. Soon, Diana’s eyes were greeted with Lucas’ beautiful shoes.
“Your Highness, I guess the young lady was nervous and forgot to be courteous. Please be generous with her childishness.”
“Diana didn’t have to,” Lucas said.
Lucas stepped towards Diana, his soft blond hair shining brilliantly in the sunshine and the emerald eyes showing his curiosity towards his fiancee. They were the same age.
He was a handsome young prince. But it did not impress Diana one bit, who was tired of the heartlessness under his facade.
“Well, my lady?” The crown prince gazed at Diana with scrutinizing eyes going up and down her frame.
She felt so uncomfortable with the atmosphere. Lucas was standing arrogantly in front of her, his pride as royalty almost dripping.
“Hmm, the empress has chosen you to be the future mother of the country. You’re truly as beautiful as what rumors say.”
With those words, Diana raised her blue eyes and looked at Lucas. Her orbs held an empty gaze, but upon meeting the sight of his face, painful memories began emerging in her mind.
It was of a husband and wife, of Lucas once touching Diana with his eager hand and intense yearning.
“Come on, now. It’s only the two of us, so don’t be too nervous.” Lucas’ friendly way of speaking came out persuasively. “You look prettier with a smile.”
It was Lucas who believed that everything revolved around him. He blatantly gazed at Diana sitting calmly and strode towards her.
“Did you say that you are the daughter of the late Duke Carl, the great?”
“I am.” Diana uttered a short answer, hoping to be dismissive. Yet, this only made Lucas show eagerness to converse with her.
“What is your name?”
“Diana Carl.”
“Diana… is a pretty name,” he thought aloud.
In the garden where the morning sun kissed their skin, Diana’s platinum hair shone in lustre framed by her blue eyes like the deep ocean. This girl whose face looked as beautiful as a doll felt mysterious to Lucas.
“You are as beautiful as your name. I believe you are worthy of the title.”
She was not actually the crown prince’s personal choice. But on behalf of the sickly emperor, the current empress took all matters into her hands. And so, there were no other notable candidates, except for Diana. Now Lucas who had just met her and saw how she sparkled like a rare jewel in a myriad of beads felt that it suited his very nature. That of being, and having, the best of everything.
“Diana, if you become the empress, I think we will get along well with each other.”
Lucas had always been a self-centered person. He was born that way and had lived as such. He was known to always have a despicable temperament.
It was the first time for Diana to see the seventeen-year-old prince. As she slowly opened her mouth, Lucas’ eyes focused on her rosy lips as they parted apart.
“I don’t know,” she spoke.
“Huh?” Lucas uttered a confused reply. It was unbelievable that Diana, who had been offered the highest opportunity, would dare say such a thing.
“Why do you think so?” He hurled the question at Diana with telltale anger.
Why, it’s very simple. Lucas hasn’t met Trisha yet and the moment he meets his supposed… ‘soul mate’ his attention for Diana today would all be forgotten like a brand new toy discarded after he had lost his like for it.
“Well, it’s because we barely know each other,” she simply said instead.
“Does it matter? Anyway, I like you. Isn’t that enough?” He argued, feeling such  was a reasonable thing.
Diana moved her sight to the ground. His familiar voice reminded her of painful memories. Probably the most upsetting part is that in the early years of their marriage, Diana accepted Lucas as her husband and she was sincere in her feelings.
At first, Lucas was deeply interested in Diana. He pretended to be a kind husband, loving her in many ways. Diana, who knew nothing, thought it was love. It was only after being torn apart that she realized that it was only a passing whim of interest on his part.
“Well…” She started, “It’s something to be decided by two people, so I think I should raise my opinion.”
Her blatant words shocked him; her meaning was clearly conveyed, she was interested in all. Lucas sported a nervous look that resembled his mother when she was displeased and his bubbling anger now couldn’t have been averted if it had been another party. After all, it was a felony to insult the imperial family. Yet this Diana was even prepared to be a sinner.
Realization dawned on his face. “You don’t like me?” He uttered incredulously.
Lucas came to realize that Diana’s doll-like face didn’t show any emotion for him. It was quite different from the young girls who blushed when they happened to encounter him. This was the first time he had received such treatment. No one had ever dared to show apathy to the crown prince.
Her reply came brash and sarcastic. “How could you say that? I even said I liked you.” When Diana saw him asking with a frowning face as if he was the one wronged, all suddenly felt silly and she wanted to wipe that look off his face.
She swore to get away from being Lucas and Trisha’s third wheel and there was nothing more to be afraid of. To live among them a second time is unbearable and as painful as being stabbed with a dagger.
Lucas felt drowned in a mixture of fury and embarrassment. “How dare you lie to your Prince?”
Diana remained silent as he looked at her with a seething glance.
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