Novel Name : I Should Have Read The Ending

I Should Have Read The Ending - Chapter 1

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Chapter 1 – A Shadow Under Lovers (1)
Diana’s blue eyes were filled with remorse. The moon shone through the window and unto her beautiful face, which looked like a doll. But Diana could not feel the warmth of the light. So were the fancy dress and the crown of a noble empress which seemed to be all meaningless.
“The full moon is almost here. The doctor said he would get back this month.”
Lucas talked casually as Diana was lying on the bed.
A few months ago, Diana bled for no reason, and the doctor diagnosed it to be an early miscarriage. It was the law that the Emperor and the Empress should join together during full moons. And such, it was followed religiously. Yet it seems, the past miscarriage was not so much a concern for Lucas.
“It’s good for us because it’s still very early.”
Soon after, Lucas touched her dress, as she lay still like a doll on the bed. It was the norm that when Lucas was over with it, he would leave immediately. She didn’t even need to lift a finger and take off her clothes.
The petticoat under her dress went up with a rustling sound. Diana was just lying, still feeling nothing.
“In the foreseeable future, I will increase my work.”
Lucas’ voice sounded confident. His hands brushed against Diana’s thighs. Soon she heard him buttoning off his trousers and loomed above her. With a strong desire present, his hand eagerly grabbed her chest.
“What do you think are the duties of the Empress to her husband?”
Lucas’s hand digging into her clothes soon came into her chest and twisted Diana’s nip*le, which hadn’t hardened yet.
Diana bit her lower lip to suppress a painful cry.
How long will the empress be treated like this?
In the beginning, Diana was just a newly-married, innocent soul who had no idea how to live with the imperial family.
Lucas’ rough hand squeezed her nipples once again, as Diana struggled with a squirming face.
The empress always had to put up pretenses.
And Lucas was born without learning how to ever be considerate and was especially impatient to spend the night. There was no foreplay whatsoever, and he acted on his desire selfishly.
Lucas’ hand reached for Diana’s thigh and then touched her pu*sy. She wasn’t wearing her underwear as per instruction of Lucas during occasions like this.
Isn’t such a thing degrading? When Diana felt his stuff on her body, she simply closed her eyes.
Lucas skillfully led his stuff towards Diana’s thick petals. It wasn’t harassment, but merely a frantic gesture of finding a place to insert.
Lucas grunted as he inserted himself, the process fast and without much effort. He held her body with his hand as he poised himself and climbed on top of her. Lucas’ breath was the only thing touching Diana’s cheeks.
“Why don’t you open your eyes? I feel you are just like a doll, so lifeless.”
Shame and contempt engulfed her whole being, but Diana could only rebel against him with her silence. Lucas’ cynicism rang in her ears, and he took his stuff, laying it on Diana’s lower body. The feeling of the hard, hot thing touching her flesh triggered fear and displeasure in her.
“Open wide. You should cooperate at the very least.”
Lucas headed for her v*g*na with his p*n*s but all she could feel was his hot breath right in front of her face. His emerald eyes were filled with instinctive lust and satisfaction from domination. Just before the insertion, Lucas buried his head in Diana’s ear just like habit.
“Oh, by the way…”
Someone who she had tea with seemed to have a more sincere attitude.
“I’m going to give a Marquess title to Lisa.”
The nickname that flowed out of Lucas’ mouth was familiar. At that moment, Diana’s whole body hardened.
From the start, their marriage seemed to be for the three of them. Lisa or Trisha Blanc always stood in the shadow of Lucas under the guise of a friend.
“Well, you’re never interested in these things.”
Lucas, the young and intelligent emperor of the vast empire, quickly concluded such. As Diana opened her eyes, her eyes flitted towards the ceiling over Lucas’ shoulders. She couldn’t believe what was happening to her now.
“It’s a special day for Lisa, confer her the title as the empress.”
Whenever a title is given by the emperor and empress, all nobles acted as witnesses in the ceremony. Henceforth, the emperor and the empress tried to perform their respective duties diligently for the welfare of their subjects.
With the thought of Lucas planning to bestow the title of a Marquess to Trisha, Diana’s blood seemed to boil within her.
“…Open up a bit.”
“Are you aware of your actions, do you even think?”
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