Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 1803 Be Careful

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Still, leaving Elisa behind was out of the question for Gareth. He had never been one to run away in the
first place.

In fact, he even stood in front of Elisa in a protective stance.

She felt her heart tightened bitterly upon seeing that. From his current condition, he would be defeated
in no time. Yet, he still put himself before her; it would be untrue to say such a gesture didn&39;t touch her.

At that moment, she recalled how he valiantly took bullets for her at KKCD Casino in Moranta.

Words could not describe the mixed feelings she was experiencing.

She held his arm, not wanting him to get hurt because of her.

Her actions explained herself more than words. In the next second, she met Mr. Carrerra&39;s eyes and

&34;We are not close friends, Mr. Carrerra. Cut the crap and get straight to the point. Say, why did you
come to Bayswe for me?&34;

Though she was smiling, a cold, fierce look filled her eyes.

Undeniably, he got her clear message and knew she had connections with Winslow, the casino&39;s
owner. After some time, he even found out that they were blood relations.

Regardless, it was unimportant for him, or he wouldn&39;t have appeared there.

Smiling back at her, he replied, &34;What a direct response! I&39;ve been mingling with people for many years,
but you&39;re the most admirable of them all!&34;

Elisa didn&39;t want to waste any more time speaking to him. Her eyes were as cold as ever as she said,
&34;My stance remains the same. If you have something to say, shoot away. Otherwise, please excuse me
—I&39;m very busy.&34;

She jerked her chin at him, signaling him to leave.

The situation was unfavorable, but she understood better that she should keep her cool. Panicking
would only make her fall prey to him.

Besides that, Bayswe was Gareth&39;s turf; Mr. Carrerra must stay vigilant.

Looking at the groceries in her arms, he teased, &34;Are you returning to being a housewife, Ms. Bennett?
What a pity to sacrifice your career for a man! People usually don&39;t recommend going back to their
exes, but you seem to be having a good time.&34;

He completely ignored Gareth&39;s presence when he teased her. From another perspective, he was
mocking and belittling Gareth.

This tipped Gareth over the boiling point, but Elisa pulled him back.

She didn&39;t want him to get into any trouble with Mr. Carrerra at that point.

Though she could hold him back, she couldn&39;t stop him from speaking.

He glared at Mr. Carrerra as he spat, &34;It&39;s none of your f*cking business. Who are you to say that?&34;

The suppressed emotions burst out as he cursed. It was bad timing for Mr. Carrerra to add fuel to the

Noticing his emotions, Mr. Carrerra laughed, &34;Calm down, Mr. Wickam! Being so agitated is not good
for your health!&34;

&34;Get away from us, or—&34;

&34;Or what? What would you do?&34;

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