Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 1799 Have You Recovered?

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Bella appeared very enthusiastic. Elisa walked up to her and held her hand. &34;These are enough; I&39;m
very satisfied. I&39;m glad enough to see that you&39;re well. Are you here this time for a vacation or to settle
some affairs?&34;

Bella didn&39;t buy Elisa&39;s words. &34;Elisa, how can you be satisfied without even seeing what I bought? Are
you bluffing me?&34;

&34;Definitely not.&34; Elisa shook her head seriously and explained, &34;I know you prepared them carefully,
and I appreciate your thoughtful gesture. That&39;s why I said I&39;m satisfied.&34;

Bella was relieved. &34;I&39;m glad to hear that. I&39;m not sure which skincare brands you normally use, so I
bought some from every brand. And the clothes are all in your size too. I might have to stay here for
quite a while this time. Elisa, you&39;re the only one I turn to here.&34; Bella tugged at Elisa&39;s arm like a child.

Elisa smiled as she genuinely deemed Bella as a younger sister. &34;Don&39;t worry. You&39;re foreign to this
place, so let me know if you need help.&34;

Bella nodded in response.

Although Bella&39;s father was shameless and money-minded, Elisa clicked well with her. Bella was the
only daughter in the family, so she was pleased to have Elisa as an elder sister.

Gareth became jealous witnessing their interaction. Only if Elisa would receive me like she received

However, he had forgotten that Elisa had treated him nicely previously and even chased after him.

However, he was the one who initiated the divorce and lost everything.

Elisa completely ignored Gareth&39;s presence and asked Bella, &34;Have you eaten? If not, let me take you
out for a meal.&34;

&34;Yeah, I&39;ve eaten. I came here just to bring you the gifts, and I&39;m going back to the hotel now.&34; Bella
expressed her intention to leave.

Elisa didn&39;t insist on keeping her because her place had limited space, and Gareth stayed with her.

Initially, Elisa wanted to ask Gareth to send Bella back, but after some thought, she suggested, &34;Which
hotel are you staying in? I&39;ll send you back.&34;

Bella turned down her offer. &34;You&39;ve just gotten home, so please don&39;t bother heading out again. I know
the way back, so don&39;t worry. Have a good rest, and I&39;ll see you tomorrow.&34;

&34;Sure.&34; Elisa stopped insisting.

After Bella left, Elisa stared at Gareth with her eyes narrowed. &34;Have you recovered?&34; She asked

&34;Is it because I went to pick up Bella?&34; Looking at Elisa, Gareth asked in return. He was sharp and
immediately understood the meaning behind Elisa&39;s question.

He was well aware of Elisa&39;s intention, especially after this period of staying with her. He could read her
mind easily with just one glance.

Elisa didn&39;t deny it. This jerk could even go and pick Bella up, so he must have recovered!

Gareth became a little panicked and quickly explained, &34;Not really. If I&39;ve recovered, I won&39;t stay at your
place shamelessly. I could have gone out to walk around instead of staying in and dying of boredom.&34;

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