Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 1795 Sure, Why Not

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When Elisa blinked at Will, it was like a secret language between them.

She wasn&39;t pissed at his prying, nor did she think he was prying.

That blink was a serendipitous reminder of their friendship and bond and hinting that she needed his

Elisa&39;s business was Will&39;s, and he ought to help her.

Will quickly got himself together and nodded.

&34;Since you&39;re off to see your cousin, I won&39;t keep you for dinner. But, Ms. Garner, we still need to
discuss our collaboration, so I&39;d appreciate it if you could stay. Unless, of course, you have other
obligations to attend to?&34;

Before Linda could utter a word, Will preempted any potential outcomes.

The truth was Linda was more than happy to stick around.

Will&39;s words echoed her own intentions precisely.

However, she pretended to be apprehensive and feigned coy, &34;Oh, no. I don&39;t have any plans, but I feel
a bit embarrassed. I&39;m worried if I stayed back for dinner would cause any misunderstanding, and it
wouldn&39;t be good.&34;

Will brushed off her concerns, &34;It&39;s just a meal to discuss our collaboration, and there&39;s no one else

around. Why would there be any misunderstanding?&34;

Despite Linda&39;s hesitation to consent, she glanced at Will, then at Elisa.

Eventually, Elisa chimed in and convinced her, &34;There&39;s no one here from the Darcey family at the
moment, Melinda. Plus, if Will&39;s mom happens to see you, she&39;ll absolutely adore your charming
demeanor. The project in the western suburbs means so much to you. Stay, have a nice chat with Will,
and let&39;s make a big impression to solidify our position, okay?&34;

With that, Elisa patted Linda&39;s shoulder.

Elisa&39;s words resonated with Linda, who put on a show of reservation. &34;Since you guys said so. Alright,

Noticing that Linda took the bait, Elisa waved at Will, &34;You two enjoy your conversation and meal. I&39;ll
head out first. Give me a shout if you need anything.&34;

Then, Elisa left.

Will had the servant prepare a lavish feast since Linda had decided to stay for dinner. They discussed
their collaboration over the meal, with Linda maintaining a hint of restraint.

However, while refilling Will&39;s cup, Linda purposely spilled it all over him.

Water splattered onto Will, and Linda faked frantic and sorry, &34;Oh, no! I&39;m sorry, Mr. Darcey. It was an
accident. I was refilling your cup...&34;

&34;No worries, I&39;ll go change my shirt first.&34;

Will saw right through her façade and feigned innocence. He chose not to expose her but instead went
along with her charade.

Linda maintained her fake remorse, &34;Ah, clumsy me! I&39;m really sorry for the trouble, Mr. Darcey. How
about this? Let me make it up to you by buying you a new shirt?&34;

As sneaky and crafty as Linda may be, playing along with reciprocal acts of hospitality and exchanging
meaningful gifts proved to be powerful tools for accomplishing goals.

With a composed, resolute tone, Will smiled and declined, &34;Don&39;t worry. Just wait here for a moment. I&39;ll
be back soon.&34;

Will wheeled himself away, leaving Linda in his room.

Seeing him leave, she swiftly caught up and offered her assistance, &34;Mr. Darcey, do you need my help?
I can tell it&39;s not exactly easy for you to do that now. Let me help you upstairs?&34;

&34;Hmm... Sure, why not.&34;

Linda anticipated a refusal from Will, but to her surprise, he agreed with a nod.

However, there was no time to dwell on it. Without hesitation, she grasped the handles and pushed Will

Before long, Linda guided Will back to his bedroom. Thoughtfully, she asked again, &34;Mr. Darcey, which
outfit would you like to wear? Do you need help with it?&34;

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