Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 1787 You're the One Who Deluded Everyone

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Elisa&39;s lips curved into a smile. She looked at the police officers behind her out of the corner of her eye.
&34;You heard what he just said, right?&34;

Norman clearly panicked after what Elisa said.

But he quickly reacted and shifted the focus to Elisa.

&34;What did I say? Don&39;t think I don&39;t know that you deliberately set this up, Elisa Benett. I was just
playing along. Did you take this seriously?&34;

Pfft! Norman is so sly!

But what could he do?

Elisa glanced at him coldly. Her eyes were filled with animosity. &34;I never appeared at all. How do you
know that I set this up? And what you said… With your bodyguards keeping guard at the door, how
could I have been near?&34;

After that, Elisa nodded at Mr. Lynch.

Mr. Lynch took out the recording pen from his arms. It was connected to the cloud, and Elisa replayed it
on her cell phone. Everything Norman had said was heard clearly.

At the same time, Elisa took out other evidence.

&34;This is the car you ran Mrs. Lynch over and killed her with. It wasn&39;t the time to write it off as scrap yet,

but you did it ahead of time, claiming a malfunction. If you didn&39;t do it, why wasn&39;t there dashcam
footage? You also followed up with the project while frequently contacting the Lynch family before they
fell apart. This is ironclad proof!&34;

Norman was truly frightened when he saw what Elisa had up her sleeve.

He never thought that she had kept up with him so closely so that he would be destroyed. He had
underestimated her!

At this crucial juncture, Norman could only play the emotional card. &34;Liz, I know you&39;re angry that I took
over the company, but I couldn&39;t leave the company to die after your dad passed. Isn&39;t your Aunt Rose
paying the price for everything she did to cause your dad&39;s death?&34;

&34;Norman Benett, you&39;re still unwilling to admit your crimes! If you really loved me and thought about our
family, I would be willing to go to jail on your behalf, but you… Do you know how upset I was when I
found out you had another family outside, Norman Benett?&34;

Elisa wasn&39;t the one who answered Norman. It was Rose, who was in a prison uniform.

Rose had a mental breakdown after she found out Norman had another family. The internal change
within her was particularly apparent.

She had poured out her heart and soul for Norman, but he had long fallen out of love with her. He got
everything he wanted when she went to jail, and he lived openly with the other woman and their child.
What did Rose get in the end?

Therefore, she decided to come forward and expose all of Norman&39;s wicked acts. It was also a way for

her to vent her anger.

She had suffered and stayed by his side for many years. She even took the blame and went to prison
for him without hesitation, but he had long cheated and had a child with another woman!

&34;Rose, this isn&39;t what you think. How can you listen to Elisa trick you with lies?&34; Norman was in disbelief
as he saw Rose come forward to denounce him in a prison uniform.

Rose didn&39;t believe Norman&39;s explanation. She said coldly and sorrowfully, &34;Elisa deceived me with
lies? I think you&39;re the one who deluded everyone with your lies. Do you remember what you said to
me before I took the blame for you?&34;

&34;Heh. You said that after I was released, our family could reunite. But now, Linda is dead. My Linda is
dead, and I will never see her again. Your heart is with another woman. Meanwhile, I will only rot in
prison. Even if I&39;m released one day, I&39;m only your discarded pawn!&34;

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