Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 1777 Liz, I Can't Bear to See You Suffer

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Elisa noticed an alarming phenomenon.

As soon as she stuck a needle into Will&39;s legs for an injection, blood started pooling under his skin.

Elisa immediately took steps to address it. She wiped it with a cotton ball and slowly pierced his skin
with the needle. However, although he wasn&39;t bleeding much, he bled when she stuck the needle into
his skin.

Although this was a common occurrence, such a phenomenon had never occurred when she had given
him injections previously.

Elisa could only observe him as she pushed the needle in.

She started to massage his calf and asked him with concern, &34;Does it hurt?&34;

Will shook his head. &34;I can feel it, but it doesn&39;t hurt.&34;

The pain Will had mentioned could very well be his nerves&39; reflexes.

After all, he was in a car accident. The weight of such a heavy car fell on Will in an instant.
Furthermore, he was ill and in pain during treatment after his surgery.

She had to follow up with him constantly since he was in such a condition.

&34;About your mom… I&39;ll come over at this time from now on. You must ensure your mom won&39;t appear
before me.&34; Elisa pursed her lips as she decided.

Jocelyn must have been heartbroken after being reprimanded by Will. She wouldn&39;t come again, but it
was different with Will&39;s mother.

Will didn&39;t answer at once. He asked hesitantly, &34;What if I can convince my mom to let me go to your

He would benefit from being in such close proximity. He would only have an opportunity when he had
close contact with her!

Elisa shook her head. &34;Even if you convince your mom, you can&39;t come. My house can&39;t accommodate
so many people. Moreover, your mom would never agree.&34;

If Marsha had agreed, she wouldn&39;t have said such things during the previous treatments. Nor would
she have led so many people to take Will away forcefully.

Will instantly understood what Elisa meant when she said her house couldn&39;t accommodate many
people. He guessed that Gareth was living in her home.

He wouldn&39;t have been so hurt if he hadn&39;t made this comparison.

Certain things were more distressing when he personally heard of them or came to his own

&34;Then I&39;ll stay next to you. That way, you won&39;t have to go back and forth. It&39;s too tiring. Don&39;t worry
about my mom. I&39;ll think of a way.&34;

Will restrained his emotions and thought of a compromise.

If he could stay next to Elisa, he could still go to her anytime. So what if Gareth was by her side?

With how he had protected her with his life and the promise she had made to him, Elisa couldn&39;t ignore

However, what Elisa said next destroyed him.

She said, &34;There&39;s only one house next to mine, and Gareth purchased it. He&39;s in a serious condition.
As for you… I don&39;t want your mom to misunderstand.&34;

Gareth had bought the house next to hers and even moved into her home. Although she said she
wanted to keep her distance from Gareth, he still had such a high position in her heart!

Will&39;s heart hurt a lot.

But he didn&39;t complain at all. He was in no place to question her!

He couldn&39;t say anything else.

Otherwise, she might stop coming. Then what would Will do?

He nodded. &34;Then I can only trouble you to make these trips. I&39;ll come to you once I&39;m in better
condition. Liz, I can&39;t bear to see you suffer or feel wronged because of my mom.&34;

&34;Mm.&34; Elisa nodded and didn&39;t say anything else.

His bleeding decreased later on. Elisa watched as he took his medicine before she left.

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