Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 1773 Who Doesn't Have a Childlike Spirit in Them?

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Upon seeing Gareth&39;s pale complexion, Elisa didn&39;t know what to say.

Gareth was still doing it deliberately.

However, she couldn&39;t allow him to do as he liked and be deluded.

&34;Will said his legs hurt. It might be worsening, so I must go and take a look.&34; After saying that, Elisa
didn&39;t plan to continue arguing with him.

Gareth was rather displeased when she mentioned Will. &34;It&39;s not like the Darcey family doesn&39;t have a
family doctor. Has the Darcey family gone bankrupt? Are they so poor that they can&39;t afford to see a

Elisa was dumbstruck!

She had long been on the receiving end of Gareth&39;s sharp tongue.

Thankfully Will wasn&39;t there. Otherwise, the two would argue.

Elisa pursed her lips. &34;Don&39;t say such nasty remarks. It&39;s not like you don&39;t know about the car accident
then. He didn&39;t emotionally blackmail me. Can I ignore it since it happened because of me?&34;

But Gareth grew worried. &34;Will&39;s mother dislikes you. Do you want to get scolded if you go there?&34;

Marsha&39;s expression was vivid in Elisa&39;s mind.

Elisa knew what he meant but had clearly brought it up to Will.

She said indifferently, &34;I won&39;t allow such a situation to happen again. Furthermore, I mentioned it to
Will since I&39;m going over.&34;

Marsha isn&39;t around?

If Marsha isn&39;t around, Will and Elisa will be alone. That won&39;t do!

Gareth&39;s throat was constricted. He said hoarsely, &34;You only think about Will and not me. I&39;m also in
pain, but I&39;m just hanging in there. Aren&39;t you afraid that my condition will worsen?&34;

Gareth&39;s black eyes were intertwined with distress.

At that moment, he seemed aggrieved and miserable.

How could Elisa not understand his intentions?

He didn&39;t want her to look for Will, so he was looking for ways to stop her!

Elisa pursed her lips and said, &34;Haven&39;t I clarified it to you? If you have any problems, you can contact
Thomas or Jeremy if it&39;s urgent. I&39;m swamped. Can you stop trying to pick a quarrel with me?&34;

Gareth didn&39;t say anything.

He noticed her impatience, especially when she said, &39;pick a quarrel.&39; It pierced Gareth&39;s heart viciously.

Does Elisa dislike me that much?

However, he didn&39;t say anything else. Elisa turned and left.

He didn&39;t stop her or chase after her.

After leaving, Elisa drove to Darcey Residence.

Will had arranged for the butler to meet Elisa. Although the butler knew Marsha didn&39;t like Elisa, Will
had instructed him, so he respectfully led Elisa to Will.

In Will&39;s room.

As a matter of fact, it was Elisa&39;s first time entering Will&39;s room.

It was decorated interestingly. It was different from Gareth&39;s room&39;s black, white, and gray color palette,
giving a dark, depressing, and solemn air like him.

The colors in Will&39;s room matched well. The room was decorated nicely.

It made Elisa feel very comfortable and at ease.

Especially the big car models outside his room. There were tiny objects in them. It was fascinating.

Will noticed Elisa&39;s gaze, so he took the initiative to say, &34;I found these when traveling. Take a look. If
you like anything, you can have it.&34;

Elisa shook her head and turned him down. &34;I&39;m not a fan of such things. I&39;m just surprised and find it

She never thought Will had a hobby of collecting.

&34;Ah. Who doesn&39;t have a childlike spirit in them?&34;

Will saw through Elisa&39;s thoughts with just one question. At the same time, it expressed his stance.

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