Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 1768 You Must Be Happy

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But actually, she was… adorable like this.

He always asked himself why he had never noticed it before.

But it wasn&39;t too late now… There was still time.

The two walked around the delicatessen and fruits sections for a while. Elisa was doing most of the
choosing. There wasn&39;t anything Gareth wanted to eat in particular. He occasionally reached out for a
few things that Elisa also liked. They didn&39;t know if it was a coincidence.

After grocery shopping, Elisa pushed Gareth to the Calvin Klein underwear store.

Perhaps because they were interrupted by the two girls. Elisa wasn&39;t as uneasy anymore. Instead, she
felt calmer.

The faint unrest seemed to have quietly dissipated.

The salesperson asked who it was for, and Elisa pointed to Gareth so he could inform the salesperson
of his measurements.

Gareth saw Elisa was in a poor mood, so he didn&39;t delay. After informing the female salesperson of his
measurements, she smiled and blushed a crimson red. She asked Elisa to choose a design.

Elisa hesitated and nodded before following the salesperson.

It was mainly because she didn&39;t want to be with Gareth for now.

However, Gareth paid close attention to Elisa&39;s changes and didn&39;t notice the female salesperson&39;s

He didn&39;t understand why Elisa suddenly became so distant when she had been fine.

He didn&39;t think it was because of the two girls. It was apparent that Elisa didn&39;t have such a petty

So what&39;s the reason? Gareth remained perplexed despite much thought. He didn&39;t follow Elisa when
he saw her running away.

On the other end, the salesperson led Elisa to choose. She looked at Elisa like she wanted to say

When Elisa looked at the salesperson, the salesperson quickly looked away. Elisa was confused.

Elisa casually picked up a garment because she wanted the strange air to end quickly. However, the
female salesperson said, &34;Um, with your husband&39;s measurements, I&39;m afraid this is too small…&34;

The female salesperson was restraining her laughter when she said it.

Elisa immediately realized why the salesperson was laughing and instantly felt awkward.

She flushed from head to toe.

Even her ears were red.

Elisa quietly asked the salesperson to lead her to the section with the largest sizes. She carelessly
picked up a few pieces without looking and quickly walked to the cashier. She wanted to leave at once.

After paying the bill with some difficulty, the female salesperson said something that almost made Elisa
choke on her saliva before she could breathe a sigh of relief.

The female salesperson said with a beam. &34;I&39;m so envious. You must be happy.&34;

Elisa staggered from shock. She pushed Gareth away and left like they were running away.

Gareth&39;s clear laughter was heard from the front.

It was deep but intertwined with joy. It inexplicably annoyed Elisa.

On the way back, the two didn&39;t say anything.

Thomas was very efficient. When they returned, Gareth&39;s room was tidied. His daily necessities were
arranged inside.

Most of them were there. Only some minor items like a razor were forgotten.

Thomas thought he had to bring them the next time he came.

But Gareth had purchased them.

Elisa returned to the kitchen to prepare dinner while Gareth tidied the room.

There wasn&39;t much for him to do. Thomas had categorized everything and kept them well.

Gareth only needed to do some minor tidying.

After that, he went to the kitchen and wanted to help and do what he could.

Elisa initially didn&39;t allow him to do anything.

But after that, she let him be.

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