Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 1770 Putting on An Act Until the End

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Gareth nodded. &34;I just want to go out. I feel very suffocated by staying in the room.&34;


Upon seeing him like that, Elisa didn&39;t say anything else.

A cold breeze blew when they left the house.

Elisa threw a thin blanket at Gareth. &34;It&39;s slightly chilly. You must take care of yourself if you want to go

Gareth was initially displeased that Elisa had allowed Will to stay here, but he felt warm when she did
such a thing to him.

It seemed like listening to Vincent and Jeremy was a good idea.


Gareth nodded.

Elisa thought he would give up when she threw the thin blanket at him. But instead? It&39;s fine. He can do
what he wants!

After walking for a while, Elisa was still worried about Gareth&39;s health. &34;Your pain might have been
psychological. I&39;ll take you for a check-up tomorrow.&34;

With Jeremy&39;s test results and Gareth&39;s current demands, Elisa felt they were faking it.

&34;If you&39;re worried, I&39;ll go for a check-up tomorrow. We don&39;t have to go tomorrow. We can go now,&34;
Gareth said.

He paused and looked at Elisa piercingly.

Elisa&39;s gaze fell on him, and they looked at each other. She didn&39;t say anything.

&34;Do you think Jeremy and I made it up to fool you?&34;

Gareth asked when he saw Elisa silent.

She laughed lightly. &34;Of course. Both of you are very suspicious. Gareth Wickam, can you still do such
things if you&39;re in poor health?&34;

&34;But aren&39;t you still staying by my side?&34; Gareth immediately asked with wrinkled brows.

He covered his chest.

He seemed to be in much pain.

He had to put on an act until the end!

Elisa understood why he said it, so she made herself clear. &34;I&39;m not staying by your side. I allowed you

to stay because of your health. Alright, we&39;ve walked for a while. It&39;s time to go back.&34;


Gareth didn&39;t say anything else.

While they were on the way back, Elisa saw two figures from afar. A boy and a girl.

They were in school uniform and were hugging each other.

Elisa immediately pulled Gareth.

Gareth focused entirely on Elisa, so he didn&39;t notice the couple. At the same time, he was surprised
that Elisa suddenly pulled him.

Elisa saw him confused, so she nodded toward the young couple. &34;We can&39;t disturb them.&34;

Gareth immediately understood as he followed Elisa&39;s gaze.

He followed Elisa as she took a different way back.

He pretended to be in bad shape as he draped the thin blanket around himself.

He sighed deeply. &34;It&39;s often said that elderly people and children have similar body temperatures and
can&39;t stand the cold very well. As expected, our bodies start breaking down as we age.&34;

Elisa snorted in laughter. &34;It&39;s your own doing.&34;

After that, Elisa left Gareth behind her.

But before she went far, she slowed down as she waited for Gareth.

She knew that he was still injured.

Gareth silently rejoiced when he saw it. He quickened his steps.

Back at Elisa&39;s house, Gareth pretended to cough. Elisa glanced at him and made him a tonic.

After he finished it, she returned to her room.

She lay on the bed as she thought about tomorrow&39;s plan.

Her cell phone vibrated at this time.

It was a message notification.

She immediately picked up her cell phone and glanced at it. Two people had texted her.

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