Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 1743 Why Is He Here

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Elisa extended her courtesy too. However, Will was dismayed by her remark. &34;Won&39;t you help me if I
don&39;t do you a favor?&34;

Elisa became awkward and quickly explained, &34;That&39;s not what I meant. I-I&39;m…just giving you my
promise like you did to me.&34;

Will was disturbed to see Elisa&39;s nervous expression. In fact, he understood Elisa&39;s intention but still
asked the question because he was uncomfortable.

He smiled. &34;I understand. But, Elisa, what if I ask for… Sigh, forget about it. I know you won&39;t agree. I
should stop talking nonsense.&34;

Will&39;s smile turned rueful.

Elisa was unsettled to see Will&39;s response. Moreover, Will was in his current situation because of her.

She pressed her lips and spoke hesitantly, &34;I know your feelings for me, Will, but I think it&39;s better for us
to be friends than lovers. Let&39;s go. I&39;ll send you home.&34;

Elisa pushed Will out of the room.

Suddenly, a wild thought came to Will&39;s mind. He clenched his fists and mustered his courage before
saying, &34;I&39;ve been feeling unwell recently and don&39;t feel like going home because I feel depressed in the
lifeless home. Can I go to your place? If you bring me there, Gareth might stop pestering you.
Meanwhile, my mother will give up too if she sees me go home with you. Don&39;t worry. I can&39;t do
anything to you, given my current state, let alone I have no intention of doing anything to you.&34; Will

made his intention clear.

Elisa trusted Will. &34;Will, it&39;s not that I don&39;t trust you. I have no issue with bringing you to my place. You
don&39;t have to tell me all this. I have extra rooms for you too.&34;

&34;I&39;m hoping to get acupuncture treatment from you. It&39;ll be even better if you have some foot bath
therapy. I&39;m quite worried about my current condition.&34; Will continued explaining.

Elisa nodded. &34;Don&39;t worry. I understand. Let&39;s go.&34;

With that, Elisa pushed Will to her car. While they were on the way home, Rachel called again.

&34;Elisa, have you seen my message?&34; Rachel asked.

&34;Yeah, but it slipped my mind because I was busy with something else. Why are you in the bar at this
hour? Come to my place. I have no time to go to the bar.&34;

Elisa frowned as she had a hunch that Rachel must have gotten into some trouble. She wouldn&39;t go to
the bar just because she was annoyed with Vincent.

&34;Okay. I&39;m coming.&34; Rachel replied, assuming Elisa was occupied due to Gareth and thought she was
with him at that moment.

She planned to give Gareth a good scolding at Elisa&39;s place to dismiss his thoughts of pursuing Elisa
and take the opportunity to vent her anger.

To her surprise, she saw the wheelchair-bound Will upon arriving at Elisa&39;s place. Startled, she pulled

Elisa aside. &34;Elisa, why is he here? Where&39;s Gareth?&34;

Elisa was confused. &34;You came here because you&39;re troubled, aren&39;t you? And the first question you
ask is about Gareth. What&39;s on your mind?&34;

Rachel answered, &34;Nothing. I just thought you were occupied because of Gareth. When I spoke to you
over the call, I had a hunch that…&34;

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