Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 1739 Cheer Up

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Will met her gaze and frowned in annoyance.

&34;Doesn&39;t she know how to get the treatment done at home? Why do you guys need to go out? You
know your own situation, don&39;t you?&34;

Indeed, Will understood that he might be permanently disabled if any mishaps were to happen and that
he needed to be careful with his recuperation process.

However, he was unhappy with his mother&39;s pointed questions when Elisa was around.

Even if he could recover, he still had to depend on a wheelchair at that moment. Because of that, he
lost all confidence in front of Elisa, feeling as though he was useless.

His heart sank, but he quickly controlled himself. &34;I understand. That is why we have to use every
opportunity to get treatment now. If you&39;re worried, feel free to follow us, provided that you stop saying
those awful things. It&39;s better to keep your distance when Elisa is around. Let&39;s go, Elisa.&34;

With that, he looked at Elisa, who pushed his wheelchair out of the house.

In the end, Marsha didn&39;t follow them.

Marsha had spent a lot of money getting the best wheelchair for Will. Hence, it was not difficult for Elisa
to navigate it. She got Will into the car easily.

To care for him, she sat in the backseat with him.

From the conversation moments ago, she knew there were some skirmishes between the mother and
son. Nevertheless, she kept quiet, not wanting to add fuel to the fire.

She didn&39;t want Will to have a fight with his mother because of her.

&34;Don&39;t quarrel with your mom because of me. I will treat you before the press conference. At the same
time, I hope you have the confidence and grit to overcome this obstacle.&34;

If Will wanted to return to normal, her treatment wasn&39;t enough; he had to be determined.

Hence, she wanted to come to a consensus with him beforehand.

&34;Of course, but don&39;t give yourself too much pressure. If it can&39;t be helped, I won&39;t blame you,&34; he said
earnestly with a nod.

I don&39;t want her to be stressed or worn out. I don&39;t mind landing in such a state today to save her. The
only misfortune is that I didn&39;t get to meet her before Gareth and that I didn&39;t fall for her before he did. I
don&39;t think I would lose to him if we had a fair competition.

After all, Will had always been kind and gentle, though in the beginning, he was deliberately showing
those values for his own motives.


Guilt overpowered Elisa when she heard that. &34;Don&39;t say that. If you don&39;t get well, this guilt will follow
me forever. Will, I cannot allow you to be a cripple forever. Believe me, and you will return to normal
soon, so cheer up.&34;

She tried her best to keep his legs in the operation just so that he had a chance to get well in the future.

He gave a small smile. &34;I never doubted you, Elisa. I don&39;t deny I had my own motives in the beginning.
But after that, everything I&39;ve done has been genuine.&34;

&34;I know.&34;

She knew this since he protected her at the expense of his own life.

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