Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 1733 Must You Do Such A Thing

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However, Rachel retorted.

&34;Can you not be so nauseating, Vincent?&34; Rachel had an icy gaze. It was filled with contempt for him.

Vincent immediately felt defeated. &34;It&39;s the truth. How is it nauseating? You can choose not to believe
and reject me, but you can&39;t deny my sincerity and what I&39;ve done for you.&34;

Rachel was baffled.

Vincent&39;s sincerity? Does it even exist?

She was curious about what he had done for her, so she asked, &34;What have you done for me?&34;

How has he been sincere?

Vincent explained impatiently, &34;I took you to Moranta and chartered a plane to bring you back. Doesn&39;t
that count?&34;

&34;And I&39;ve always made my true feelings known to you. Do you think I would have spent so much time
on you if I wasn&39;t sincere?&34;

He spoke every word clearly.

It was rare for Vincent to speak so much.

Rachel sneered softly and asked, &34;Vincent, I&39;ve previously made it clear to you, but you still haven&39;t

given up. What must I tell you? No matter what happens to me, I won&39;t give you Mom&39;s belongings!&34;

This was Rachel&39;s stance.

Malice streaked across Rachel&39;s eyes when she spoke.

She would rather die than give it up!

Vincent didn&39;t think she was so determined. He also never imagined this was what Rachel cared about.

When he discovered the truth, he wanted to retrieve what his mother had left and keep it safe.

Rachel&39;s misunderstanding wasn&39;t unfounded. He indeed had such thoughts in the past.

But as they spent time together, he realized he was dreaming of Rachel and understood that she had
taken root in his heart. It was impossible to get rid of her in his heart.

He had truly fallen in love with her and genuinely wanted to be with her.

As for what his mother had left behind, if they got together, it would make no difference who kept it

He never considered retrieving what his mother had left behind if he got together with Rachel.

Vincent pursed his lips as he saw how agitated Rachel was before him. After that, he quickly said, &34;I
never thought of emotionally manipulating you. I won&39;t force you to return it to me…&34;

Rachel didn&39;t want to listen further when she heard it. She laughed in a rage and interrupted him. &34;You
won&39;t force me, so you want to do such things to make me give it to you on my own accord. Do you
think I&39;m a fool, Vincent Shane?&34;

Rachel would never be blinded by love!

Vincent denied it. &34;I&39;ve never thought of you as a fool. Nor have I ever thought of using such a way to
get anything from you. Rachel, give me a chance to prove it to you. Actions speak louder than words.&34;

This was the truth.

Rachel narrowed her eyes and looked at Vincent. She didn&39;t dare to believe that Vincent had said such
a thing.

She shook her head. &34;It would be best if you got rid of such thoughts. I don&39;t need you to prove
anything to me. I only know that I don&39;t like you. Since I don&39;t like you, I won&39;t be moved by such

After that, Rachel patted Vincent&39;s shoulder nonchalantly.

She was going to leave, but…

&34;Must you do such a thing?&34;

Vincent suddenly asked Rachel.

Rachel retorted in response. &34;Why not? Let me ask you. Since you think I shouldn&39;t do such a thing,
must you do such a thing?&34;

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