Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 1728 Even if He's Dead, It Has Nothing to Do with You

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Therefore, Vincent was honest. He said, &34;I do want to help you and Gareth, but it&39;s true that I&39;m broke.
Many people don&39;t believe that I&39;m penniless. You&39;re the only one willing to lend me money. As for
Gareth, I didn&39;t bring this up to him.&34;

Only that way could he explain why Gareth didn&39;t help him.

At the same time, he wanted to convince Elisa.

Elisa was uninterested in how he didn&39;t mention it to Gareth. She only cared about what he said initially
about helping her and Gareth.

What was the current situation between her and Gareth?

Why was everyone confused about it?

Elisa pursed her lips and was slightly frustrated. &34;Gareth and I are divorced and have been separated
for some time. I don&39;t know what you&39;re thinking about. Why do you think Gareth and I can get
together? If we can reconcile, why would we have divorced in the first place?&34;

They could remarry after their divorce, but why did they even divorce if they were to remarry?

Why didn&39;t they just skip the divorce in the beginning?

Elisa felt sad yet amused when she thought about everything that had happened after she received the
divorce papers from Gareth.

At the time, Gareth was resolute and didn&39;t hesitate at all.

He was also firm and certain about wanting to remarry her now.

Why did Gareth get to make all the decisions?

For a moment, it was hard for Vincent to answer. Only Gareth himself would understand.

Gareth&39;s decision was a mistake.

At the time, his good friends had tried to dissuade him, but to no avail. Gareth now understood his
feelings clearly, so they couldn&39;t stand by and do nothing as observers.

Vincent pursed his lips and answered. &34;I can understand your thoughts, but I hope you can consider it.
Gareth only divorced you because he went mad at the time. At present, he understands his feelings for
you. You were husband and wife, and you were a great match. If you were to remarry, then…&34;

&34;Then what? There&39;s no any complicated connections between us, and we don&39;t have any children. You
don&39;t have to say that it&39;s for the sake of our child or anything like that. There&39;s no benefit of us
remarrying. I just want to stay far away from this person now. Can&39;t I do that?&34; Elisa didn&39;t want to listen
to Vincent any further.

She was exhausted and annoyed at her relationship with Gareth and how people around them were
deliberately matchmaking them.

Vincent pursed his lips and didn&39;t go on.

Because he clearly saw Elisa&39;s rage.

Elisa didn&39;t want to argue with Vincent about this either. She told him, &34;If you want to pursue Rachel,
that&39;s your business. I&39;ll naturally wish you well if you succeed. But if Rachel doesn&39;t want it, I advise
you to give up before it&39;s too late. Don&39;t expect me to help.&34;

After that, Elisa hailed a cab.

Her cell phone rang before she told the driver the destination.

It was Rachel. She asked Elisa, &34;I&39;m looking for you. Where are you? Don&39;t tell me you&39;re entangled
with Gareth again!&34;

Rachel&39;s words were intertwined with rage.

She went to Benett Corporation this morning but didn&39;t see Elisa. She had waited there for a while, but
Elisa hadn&39;t appeared.

She was impatient, so she called Elisa. As she was speaking to Elisa, she naturally thought of Gareth.

&34;Gareth is severely ill.&34;

&34;Even if he&39;s dead, it has nothing to do with you!&34;

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