Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 1727 Why Didn't You Just Ask

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Elisa was dumbstruck.

She never thought Vincent would say such things.

Did he know for sure that she was going to look for Rachel?

Elisa was slightly at a loss for words. “I’ll get a cab to send you straight to Rachel. Also, why didn’t you
ask Gareth if you need money?”

Her last question was the main point!

Vincent was immediately dumbfounded.

It didn’t make sense that he looked for her instead of Gareth!

However, he had reached a consensus with Gareth. How could he let Elisa leave alone now?

Especially when he had to stop any possibility of Elisa meeting with Will.

Vincent sighed deeply and had a distressed expression. “I wanted to, but my pathetic dignity is all I
have left as a man. I think… I know what you’re thinking about. But if you take me to see Rachel, she
might pity and sympathize with me. I’m serious. Otherwise, why would I be standing here?”

Vincent seemed highly frustrated when he said it.

Elisa picked up her cell phone and transferred twenty thousand to

Vincent via Venmo. “I’ve transferred some money to you. Find out how much you need. However, I
can’t lend it to you if it’s too big a sum, but you can discuss it with Gareth. No matter how much you
value your dignity, Gareth is your good friend. He won’t stand by and do nothing.”

Vincent was annoyed and amused when he saw the transaction notification and heard what Elisa said.

Elisa was so straightforward. She lent him money when he said he needed money.

But with his identity, how would twenty thousand be enough if he really needed money?

However, he couldn’t behave strangely right now. He could only smile and thank Elisa. “You’re the best.
No one believed me when I said I was in trouble. But even if they didn’t believe me, who would joke
about such a thing? I want to meet Rachel…”

Before he could finish his sentence, Elisa interrupted him. “You don’t have to tell me what you want to
do with Rachel. I can’t make decisions on her behalf. As for the money…”

Elisa narrowed her eyes as she sized Vincent up.

Vincent didn’t give anything away.

But when he acted that way, the stranger he seemed.

Elisa went straight to the point. “Vincent, you asked me to help you cozy up to Rachel. Don’t tell me it’s
just a ruse for you to follow me because you made a promise to Gareth?”

“How can that be?!”

Vincent immediately denied it and said, “I’m sincere about Rachel. Do you think I was pretending when
I called you? Moreover, why would I promise Gareth anything? Even if I followed you now, I can’t do it
constantly. Since you’ve already lent me money, I can look for Rachel alone!”

“So why didn’t you just ask to borrow money at the start?” Elisa was blunt. At that moment, Vincent was
slow to react.

He was stumped.

Upon seeing him like that, Elisa laughed. “If you had asked to borrow money initially, you wouldn’t be in
such a mess. After all, it’s most convenient to do anything you want with the money. But you keep
contradicting yourself. Vincent, I didn’t say your feelings for Rachel were insincere. However! I don’t
need you to play matchmaker between Gareth and I!”

She made her stance clear.

Vincent felt ashamed for a moment. Since Elisa had already said such a thing, he wouldn’t have any
decorum if he didn’t admit it. Elisa would continue to look down on him.

How would she help him and Rachel if she looked down on him?

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