Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 1723 That Can't Happen

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Gareth immediately fell silent at Vincent’s words and fell into deep thought.

Was Elisa so contemptuous because he didn’t act like a patient?

So do I have to act more like a patient?

Upon seeing Gareth quiet, Vincent quickly said, “Women are tenderhearted. Moreover, you’re her ex-
husband. You used to be husband and wife. If she can help you, do you think she’ll do nothing if you’re
in trouble?”


These two words suddenly pierced Gareth’s heart.


That word would define them forever if he didn’t win Elisa over again.

Vincent saw that Gareth’s expression had darkened, and he sighed. “Quickly go and lie down in your
bed. Let her take care of you for this time. I’m telling you, don’t feel distressed. You can’t act like you
just did, either. I don’t have such an opportunity as you.


Otherwise, he could use such a way to keep Rachel by his side to take care of him.

However, when he thought of it, Rachel’s contemptuous expression immediately appeared in his mind.

He could even think of what Rachel would say indifferently and disdainfully.

“Can’t you get a nurse’s aide to look after you if you’re sick? Why are you looking for me? Am I your
housekeeper or your mom? You’re not paying me, and I have no obligation. Are you asking me to care
for you? You must be dreaming!”

When Vincent thought about it, he felt more downcast.

After he had found her and explained everything, she was more aloof toward him and kept a greater

“Gareth, for now, do as I say. As for me… I’m telling you, after you and Elisa are settled, you must help

Vincent said seriously.

So were they in an equally pathetic state now?

But he could do as Vincent had said now.

On Elisa’s end.

She went to look for Jeremy.

Jeremy was in a specially set up specialist office because of Gareth’s condition. He had moved his
office to the emergency department.

One reason was that Gareth’s condition needed attention. The other reason was that Jeremy treated
Elisa like a hero after solving Julia’s case and eliminating her cancer cells together.

He was excited to work with his hero.

With the drug remnants in Gareth’s body, it could benefit the people if they could develop an antidote
based on Gareth’s blood sample results. They could also stop more people from being harmed by the
different medicine developed in the black market.

Jeremy quickly put down his work when he saw Elisa. He got up to greet her. “You’re here. Is
something wrong?”

Elisa nodded. “It’s about Gareth. We must quickly treat him now. Firstly, he isn’t cooperating. Secondly,
I have my own affairs to deal with. I can’t spend too much time on him.”

She revealed her thoughts openly.

But Jeremy brought up an important point. “I’m afraid that can’t happen.”

After that, Jeremy brought out Gareth’s test results.

Jeremy circled the critical issues. “On the one hand, the drug remnants in Gareth’s body will flare up at
any time. On the other hand, it’s his gunshot wound. Do you see this here? Although it didn’t hurt his
heart, the arteries at his heart near his injury will burst at anytime. If it does…”

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