Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 1720 Wouldn't Her Eyes Hurt?

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Perhaps it was because he had been given a sedative, or Elisa was by his side. Gareth seemed a lot
more relieved, and he quickly fell asleep.

When Elisa heard the regular breathing beside her, she sat up and glanced at him meaningfully before
shaking her head.

She really didn’t understand Gareth!

In the past, he had treated her utterly nastily. At present, he was willing to sacrifice himself to save her!
As she was in the same room as him, what had happened that day played in her mind like scenes from
a movie. It perplexed her and made her feel ill at ease.

She awoke early the next day.

It was because she wanted to call her assistant.

Norman was humiliated yesterday. He had kneeled and flattered her, but she had remained unmoved.
He would definitely make a move on his end.

“Oversee the company’s projects carefully. Don’t make any mistakes!”

“Alright,” her assistant answered.

“I’m occupied and may be unable to go to the company these few days. No matter what happens, call
me at once. Keep a close eye on Norman’s people.” Elisa instructed, worried.

At best, Norman was a great man who knew when to yield. At worst, he would do anything it took to
reach his goals.

How could he be prepared to let everything go after suffering such a terrible humiliation?

“Don’t worry. I’ll look after the company. I’ll report it to you immediately if there’s the slightest whiff of
trouble!” Her assistant’s voice was resounding and forceful.

Elisa wanted to quickly return to take charge of the overall situation, especially the two projects. Still,
she couldn’t ignore what was happening here. She was torn between two sides at the moment.

She nagged her assistant endlessly for a long time before she was relieved. She kept her cell phone
and was about to return to the hospital room.

The scene inside was different from when she had left it.

The nurse’s aide arrived promptly with breakfast, which was oatmeal and bagels. It was simple yet

“Sir, I can feed you if it’s uncomfortable!”

She had a coy expression and looked at him charmingly.

Elisa didn’t doubt that the nurse’s aide’s eyes would hurt if she continued to look at him so charmingly!

The nurse’s aide noticed Elisa’s presence and immediately said, “Miss, I brought breakfast for you too!”

“Thank you.” Elisa walked over and took her share of the breakfast.

It was no different from Gareth’s. Elisa could tell the nurse’s aide had bought it in the hospital cafeteria.
Hospital food wasn’t the best, but it was good enough if it was nutritious.

The only difference from Gareth’s was that he had a nurse’s aide to feed him sweetly.

“No need. I’ll do it myself!” Gareth looked at the nurse’s aide’s raised hand and naturally resisted it.

“It’s inconvenient for you. Let me do it!” The nurse’s aide was stubborn.

But no one imagined that while the two were jostling about, the nurse’s aide spilled the bowl of oatmeal
in her hands onto Gareth’s chest.

The nurse’s aide immediately straightened up and took a napkin from the bedside. “I’m sorry. This is
my fault!”

After that, she rubbed Gareth’s chest restlessly with her hands.

Although she seemed to be cleaning him up, she took advantage of him. Gareth’s brows furrowed
deeply, and his expression changed slightly. He raised his hands to push hers away and said coldly,
“How were you trained? You can’t even do something simple properly!”

“I’m sorry. It was an accident…” The nurse’s aide’s soft voice instantly sounded distressed. It was as
though she were playing dumb.

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