Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 1715 Will He Listen To Me?

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Everything was as Elisa imagined.

At that moment, Norman had a cold and dark expression.

The two projects Elisa had on hand were related to Benett Corporation&39;s reputation, future
development, and Elisa&39;s position.

Therefore, Elisa couldn&39;t succeed in those two projects.

Since she hadn&39;t taken the bait and his plan hadn&39;t unfolded as expected, he had to start a new plan.

In short, no matter his plans, Elisa had to die!

After leaving Norman&39;s hospital room, Elisa went to Gareth. He was still unconscious.

Gareth was lying on the hospital bed. The nurse had connected him to an IV, and he was still on a
ventilator. Most importantly, Jeremy was still by his side.

Jeremy turned when he heard footsteps. His gaze met with Elisa&39;s.

Elisa pursed her lips and said, &34;You must tell him about his illness when he&39;s awake. He must be
hospitalized so his condition can be treated.&34;

Jeremy immediately understood her intentions. She was about to leave.

As one of Gareth&39;s best friends, how could he be clueless about Gareth and Elisa&39;s recent


Therefore, he said, &34;The results of Gareth&39;s blood sample aren&39;t out yet. You only mentioned being
poisoned, but I don&39;t know the specific composition of the drug. There are also many other test results
I&39;m waiting for. Elisa, you know what I mean. His situation can&39;t be delayed.&34;

Jeremy wanted to use conventional and uncommon methods together to treat Gareth.

Elisa understood his intentions but was reluctant when she thought of how Gareth had recently been
annoying and hard to get along with.

But before she said anything, Jeremy nodded at her and indicated at Gareth, who lay on the bed.

Gareth had a pale complexion and seemed highly frail.

At this time, the scene of Gareth quickly pushing her away and protecting her urgently appeared in her

Gareth wasn&39;t poisoned because of her, but he was hurt because of her. Otherwise, his body would
have been able to take it. He wouldn&39;t have fainted repeatedly!

When Elisa thought about it, she sighed deeply. &34;He was drugged with a specific medicine from the
black market. Someone needs to be with him if it flares up, but I controlled it then. However, there are
still remnants of the drug in his body. As for his condition, he&39;s always had a weak gut. Moreover, he
took a bullet for me. Therefore…&34;

Although Elisa didn&39;t complete her sentence, Jeremy understood what she meant.

Jeremy understood Gareth&39;s character. If Gareth didn&39;t have feelings for Elisa, he wouldn&39;t have helped
Elisa so much or even taken a bullet for her!

He said, &34;He even took a bullet for you. In any case, you were husband and wife, and you understand
his illness. It&39;s easier if you&39;re here than for me to call you later, right?&34;

He was right.

Nothing was more convenient than being on the spot.

Ultimately, Elisa wasn&39;t merciless but said, &34;I can stay, but you must explain it to him when he wakes
up. You must make him stay in the hospital.&34;

&34;If he doesn&39;t listen to you, do you think he&39;ll listen to me?&34;

Jeremy asked in response, and Elisa immediately fell silent.

But she quickly said, &34;Anyway, that&39;s what you must say. I&39;ll exaggerate slightly. Don&39;t tell me he doesn&39;t
care for his own body?&34;

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