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Chapter 1711 Used A Specific Medicine

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The nurse indicated to Elisa that if she didn&39;t care, she would have to be responsible if the police came
since she was Norman&39;s emergency contact. Furthermore, they shared the same last name.

Elisa wasn&39;t fooled.

Just as she was about to say something, Jeremy, who was at the side, suddenly spoke up. &34;What is the
meaning of our hospital&39;s existence? It&39;s to help the dying and heal the injured. You contacted the
patient&39;s relative with his cell phone. If they have no relationship, is the hospital an organization where
we ask for money forcefully?&34;

When the nurse came in, she had overlooked Jeremy at the side.

Jeremy initially didn&39;t understand what their conversation was about. He only suddenly understood after
listening for a while. News about Norman had trended previously.

With Elisa&39;s personality, who could force her to do anything she didn&39;t want to?

As for the nurse, she stuttered slightly when she saw Jeremy. &34;Dr… Dr. Chase.&34;

Jeremy waved his hand. &34;Go on with your work. He&39;ll foot his own bill when he wakes up.&34;

&34;But he isn&39;t in great condition… Dr. Chase, the hospital helps the dying and heals the injured, but there
are so many sick people in the world. We aren&39;t a welfare agency. We can&39;t waive all their fees, right?&34;

What the nurse said made sense.

Norman was Elisa&39;s uncle, but she didn&39;t care about him. If Jeremy waived Norman&39;s medical fees,
wouldn&39;t that humiliate Elisa?

Furthermore, Elisa had Gareth by her side.

Elisa raised her brows and smiled. &34;Which room is he in? Take me there.&34;

She wanted to see how bad of a condition Norman was in!

&34;Follow me.&34;

The nurse quickly led Elisa to Norman&39;s hospital room.

At the door, Elisa saw Norman lying on the bed at one glance, wearing a heavy and thick oxygen mask
connected to the ventilator, but he had good vital signs.

Was the nurse trying to trick her because the nurse thought she didn&39;t understand? Or did the nurse
think none of her superiors would check?

&34;Were you bribed by Norman? How can you do such a foolish thing? From now on, your job is in
danger,&34; Elisa said coldly to the nurse. After that, she approached Norman. &34;Why are you still
pretending? What motive do you have?&34;

Although he wasn&39;t ill, he came to the hospital and pretended he was, which caused such a situation.
Was it so Elisa would be berated by someone who didn&39;t know the truth?

The nurse felt wronged. &34;His vital signs were bad when he first came by ambulance. His signs steadied
after we saved him. Don&39;t spout nonsense here if you don&39;t know anything!&34;

Elisa disagreed. As Norman&39;s daughter, why wouldn&39;t Linda contact her biological father if he was
dying? Even Elisa could tell that Linda was disguising herself as Melinda.

Elisa saw that Norman was unconcerned about what she had said, so she went forward and grabbed
his wrist. Her fingertips felt for his pulse.

She realized that Norman currently had a feeble pulse.

&34;Why was he sent to the hospital?&34;

Elisa turned to look at the nurse at the side.

The nurse was truthful. &34;He suffered a heart attack and cerebral infarction.&34;

Elisa didn&39;t say anything else. Her gaze silently fell on Norman.

If he were in such a condition, the other equipment wouldn&39;t show that his vital signs were normal. This
only proved that… Norman had possibly used a specific medicine to feign his heart attack and cerebral

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