Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 1708 I Need Your Help

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Therefore, Elisa was on the phone with someone else.

But who was she talking to for so long right now?

Rachel had returned to the country with Vincent. Elisa&39;s good friends were by her side. Even if Elisa
deliberately wanted to approach Linda, she wouldn&39;t have so much to say to Linda.

As for work… It was unlikely.

Gareth eliminated the possibilities one by one and finally landed on Will.

He immediately had a cold expression and sharp gaze.

Thomas saw how Gareth acted. He also saw his cell phone&39;s call history and immediately advised
Gareth. &34;Mr. Wickam, Ms. Benett is busy and can&39;t answer your call, but we can go there!&34;

Gareth didn&39;t say a word. He only glared coldly at Thomas.

Thomas was frightened.

The next moment, Gareth turned to leave his office.

Thomas wiped his sweat away and sighed as he looked at Gareth leaving.

It was tough as an assistant these days!

On Elisa&39;s end.

Although she fell silent at Will&39;s questions, she quickly answered, &34;I don&39;t trust others to treat you, but I
trust whoever I find. If you&39;re still persistent, I can only do such a thing. I don&39;t like being involved with

She was direct, firm, and indifferent.

But this made Will feel upset. She didn&39;t like being involved with others, then what about Gareth?
Gareth was always mixed up with her. Was Gareth less involved with her than he was?

Was there a difference between him and Gareth? Did she like one but not the other?

Will wanted to ask to compare, but he restrained his impulse.

Because he was afraid that he would be humiliated if he asked.

She would treat a man she liked differently!

Will could only back down. &34;I won&39;t say anything else. Let&39;s talk about our partnership. Can you show
me your design draft these few days? Let&39;s discuss it.&34;

&34;And what you said you wanted to introduce to me. Come with the proposal tomorrow.&34;

Will said the word &39;tomorrow.&39; He wanted to see Elisa every day.

Because he knew that in their current situation, his distance from Elisa would only increase if he didn&39;t

persist, work hard, and think of other ways.

He didn&39;t want that! When he was on the brink of life and death, he realized he could give everything up
but her. He couldn&39;t abandon her!

Elisa heard him say &39;tomorrow&39; and couldn&39;t help but frown. &34;Your injury isn&39;t healed. Will, are you
rushing things?&34;

Will feared she thought he did it deliberately, so he explained. &34;I can&39;t be negligent at work. We decided
early on to work together on the product. The Western Suburbs project is one that ZF Corporation
values. If we don&39;t pay it special attention… You know how ZF Corporation works. They can retract the
project anytime if you don&39;t value it.&34;

What Will said was true. After all, their partner was none other than ZF Corporation. However, they
couldn&39;t act too overeager with ZF Corporation either. Otherwise, it would be troublesome.

&34;Liz, I want to help you. Some Darceys have seen me in a wheelchair and can&39;t sit still. I need your help

Only that way could he be involved with Elisa. Even if he could easily deal with those people, he had to
feign weakness before Elisa.

Gareth had emotionally blackmailed her again and again. Will wasn&39;t doing anything wrong!

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