Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 1710 He Isn't Dead, Is He?

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Elisa furrowed her brows tightly.

Gareth was in a terrible state.

He was previously drugged and shot. He had excellent drug resistance and outstanding endurance.

Now that he was in such a state, perhaps it had something to do with his mind. Or maybe he hadn&39;t
been adequately nursed.

Elisa thought about it and gave him a white pill that she had developed. After that, she called security
to help carry Gareth to her car. She drove him to the hospital.

At the emergency department.

Jeremy was just done with making his rounds and treating patients. Just as he left his office, he saw
Gareth being carried in.

He also saw Elisa by Gareth&39;s side. Jeremy frowned uncontrollably, and his expression was grave and
solemn. &34;What happened to him?&34;

&34;He&39;s weak from being poisoned previously. Since you&39;re still around, you can treat him.&34; Elisa
summarized Gareth&39;s condition briefly.

After hearing what Elisa said, Jeremy arranged for various tests and an IV for Gareth.

After that, Jeremy went to Elisa and asked, &34;Why was he poisoned? Did it happen when you went to


Elisa nodded. &34;Nicole drugged him. Wasn&39;t there previously news about Nicole seducing Gareth with a
skin mask of my face? The remnants of the drug in his system are very stubborn. From the looks of it,
he has to be treated by blood exchange transfusion if all else fails.&34;

Although Gareth was an adult, his body wasn&39;t in good shape for a blood exchange transfusion to

Jeremy understood such a solution. &34;Let&39;s talk about it when the test results are out.&34;

While Elisa was keeping watch over Gareth, she thought of something. If she went to look for Nicole to
work things out, perhaps she could find out about the source of the drug.

However, Nicole would have many requests in her current situation.

Elisa received a call from a nurse in the emergency department. When Elisa first arrived at the hospital
with Gareth, she had written her name in the family column of the hospitalization form. The nurse saw it
and went to look for Elisa.

&34;Is Elisa Benett here? Are you Elisa Benett?&34;

A woman&39;s voice rang beside her. After that, Elisa saw a nurse before her.

Elisa thought the nurse wanted to talk about Gareth, but she never expected it to be about Norman.
The nurse started to guilt trip her. &34;Elisa Benett, didn&39;t I call to inform you that Norman is on the brink of
death in the hospital room next door? You have a close relationship, so why are you keeping watch

over a man here instead? Don&39;t tell me you don&39;t care about your family?&34;

The voice was familiar…

Family? Heh!

Elisa instantly retorted, &34;I can keep watch over whoever I want to. As for you, if you understand my
relationship with Norman so well, don&39;t you know what happened between us?&34;

Did Norman bribe this nurse?

The nurse was momentarily dumbstruck after Elisa retorted.

But the nurse quickly answered, &34;I don&39;t know about your relationship with Norman, but you&39;re his
emergency contact. He&39;s still unconscious, but someone must pay his medical bill.&34;

&34;That&39;s the medical expenses that Norman owes your hospital. If you want money, ask Norman for it.
He isn&39;t dead, is he?&34;

Elisa spoke as coldly and ruthlessly as she liked.

The nurse didn&39;t want to argue with Elisa when Elisa was like that, so she said, &34;In any case, you&39;re the
emergency contact on his cell phone. If you don&39;t pay his bill, the hospital can only report it to the

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